World News in Brief: November 30

Monday, 2020-11-30 16:49:18
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World shares paused on Monday (November 30) to assess a record-breaking month. (Credit: Reuters)
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World shares paused on Monday (November 30) to assess a record-breaking month as the prospect of a vaccine-driven economic recovery next year and yet more free money from central banks eclipsed immediate concerns about the pandemic.

* Britain asked its regulator on Friday to assess AstraZeneca's COVID-19 vaccine for a possible rollout, while the Philippines and Thailand secured millions of doses, giving the shot a vote of confidence after experts raised questions about trial data.

* Doctors are studying the impact of COVID-19 on pregnant women and their unborn babies in Singapore, where an infant delivered by an infected mother this month had antibodies against the virus but did not carry the disease.

* Thailand was racing to track down about 200 people in its northern provinces to stop a potential outbreak, after three Thai nationals entered the country illegally from Myanmar and tested positive days later.

* Brazil has registered 24,468 additional coronavirus cases over the last 24 hours and 272 new deaths, the Health Ministry said on Sunday.

* Mexico reported 6,388 new confirmed coronavirus infections and 196 additional deaths on Sunday, health ministry data showed.

* The number of COVID-19 infections is still much too high in most German regions and people must do more to reduce their contacts to slow the spread of the disease, German Economy Minister Peter Altmaier said.

* Italy's government has approved new measures worth around EUR8 billion to support businesses hit by the second wave of the pandemic.

* France's top health advisory body said it had recommended COVID-19 vaccinations should target retirement home residents and their staff first when doses reach the country.

* Canada on Monday will unveil new spending plans and detail the cost of its emergency support measures as a harsh second wave of infections forces renewed health restrictions across the country.

* Republic of Korea's ruling party has called for the country to buy millions of additional coronavirus vaccine doses after a spike in infection numbers raised concerns about the government's existing plans.

* Bethlehem's town leaders said the traditional birthplace of Jesus will go ahead with its Christmas celebrations, despite closed inns and few visitors due to the pandemic.

* Deaths from malaria due to disruptions during the pandemic to services designed to tackle the mosquito-borne disease will far exceed those killed by COVID-19 in sub-Saharan Africa, the World Health Organization warned.

* Turkey's economy roared to a more-than-expected 6.7% growth rate in the third quarter, as a flood of credit helped it rebound from a 10% contraction in the previous period.