ASEAN member countries discuss experience in scientific metrology

Tuesday, 2019-09-17 12:12:47
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Dr. Cao Xuan Quan, Director of the Vietnam Metrology Institute, and Dr. Thomas Liew, Chair of the EGM and Director of National Metrology Centre of Singapore, co-chair the EGM-6.
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NDO – The sixth meeting of the ASEAN Expert Group on Metrology (EGM-6) was hosted by the Vietnam Metrology Institute (VMI) under the Ministry of Science and Technology in Ha Long City, Quang Ninh Province on September 16.

The two-day event was attended by Dr. Cao Xuan Quan, Director of the VMI; Dr. Thomas Liew, Chair of the EGM and Director of National Metrology Centre of Singapore; and leaders from the national metrology institutes of other ASEAN member countries.

Within the framework of the seminar, participants discussed cooperation strategies and metrology-related policy decisions which have impacts on science & technology development and innovation.

In addition, the meeting offered an opportunity to share knowledge and capabilities between ASEAN EGM members, thereby putting forward the best solutions aiming to deal with both the common and private difficulties and challenges currently faced by the national metrology institutes within the ASEAN bloc.

Delegates pose for a photo together at the meeting.

The ASEAN EGM is currently under the purview of the Subcommittee on Infrastructure, Resources and Development (SCIRD) of the ASEAN Committee of Science and Technology (COST). The meeting of the group is held annually by ten member-organisations, which are the national metrology institutes of the ASEAN countries, on a rotating basis.

With the aim of developing and promoting scientific metrology activities to firmly consolidate the quality infrastructure, the ASEAN EGM has actively contributed to accelerating the agenda of each ASEAN country, raising the contribution of ASEAN in the global value chain and supporting innovation for ASEAN businesses.

The VMI’s hosting of EGM-6 is part of the implementation of the tasks set in the Project 996 on metrology approved by the Prime Minister on August 10, 2018, thereby demonstrating the agency’s role and responsibilities in the international arena, and strengthening its cooperation with partners in the region and the world, contributing towards the goal of developing comprehensive, advanced and modern national metrology infrastructure.