Spain's Sanchez says to form government based on constitution

Monday, 2019-04-29 12:14:24
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Spain's Socialist leader Pedro Sanchez
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Spain's Socialist leader Pedro Sanchez, fresh from a win for his party in national elections on Sunday (April 28), said the only conditions he would place on forming a coalition government would be respecting the constitution and promoting social justice.

Sanchez, whose party won the most votes but no parliamentary majority, told supporters he would put up no "safety cordon" in talks to form a government, a common expression used in the campaign to show one party refused to make a deal with another.

According to data published by the Spanish Interior Ministry with over 99 percent of the votes counted, the Spanish Socialist Party (PSOE) won 28.70 percent of the votes to win 123 seats in the 350 seat Spanish Congress of Deputies.

This means the PSOE had 37 more seats than in the June 2016 election when the Socialists won 22.63 percent of the vote and 85 seats.

Sunday saw the Socialists win 57 more seats than the right wing People's Party (PP), who ranked second in the election, but saw their vote share plunge from 33.01 percent in June 2016 to 16.69 percent on Sunday as support for right wing parties was split into three.

The PP lost votes to Albert Rivera's center-right party Ciudadanos, which gained 15.85 percent of the votes and won 57 seats, while the extreme right wing Vox claimed 10.26 percent of the votes to enter Congress for the first time with 24 seats.

Reuters, Xinhua