Over 4,400 Thais apply to run for MP on first day of electoral candidacy

Tuesday, 2019-02-05 16:51:11
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(Illustrative Image).Thailand will hold a general election on March 24, 2019.
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Over 4,400 Thais have applied to run for MP in Thailand's March 24 election.

On Monday (February 4), the first day of candidacy application, a total of 4,428 Thai males and females applied as electoral candidates vying in 329 constituencies nationwide, said Election Commission (EC) Secretary General Charungwit Phumma.

Given a total of 350 individual constituencies throughout the country, candidates are expected to apply to contest in the 21 other constituencies within Friday (February 8), according to the EC secretary general.

Charungwit disclosed that the Democrat Party has sent 278 candidates applying on the first day, followed by Palang Pracharath (power of people's state) Party's 274 candidates, Seri Ruam Thai (united liberal Thais) Party's 270 candidates, Future Forward Party's 267 candidates and Bhumjaithai (proud Thais) Party's 264 candidates.

Fifty-seven out of a total of 104 registered parties have their respective candidates apply on the first day while others may follow suit until Friday.

In addition to the 350 MPs to be elected in individual constituency mode, another 150 MPs are to be picked from among all contestants in party-list mode.