Trump leaves G7 early for Kim Jong-un summit

Sunday, 2018-06-10 07:02:05
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US President Donald Trump has left for Singapore. (Photo:Sky News)
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US President Donald Trump heads to Singapore after telling world leaders he wants a free-trade deal among the G7.

President Donald Trump declared that he was on a "mission of peace" before leaving the G7 summit early to meet the leader of the Democratic People's Republic of Korea (DPRK) Kim Jong-un in Singapore.

The US leader boarded a plane from Quebec on June 9 ahead of the highly anticipated meeting with the DPRK’s leader on June 12, leaving G7 leaders early and missing environmental talks.

Describing his talks in Singapore with Kim as entering "unknown territory," Trump told reporters before his early departure from the G7 summit in Quebec city, Canada, that he really feels confident.

"(It's) never been done,(it's) never been tested. So we are going in with a really positive spirit," the US president said.

Trump and Kim are expected to meet in Singapore on June 12 with talks focusing on the denuclearization of the Korean Peninsula.

Calling his Asian trip a "mission of peace," Trump told reporters, "I think it's gonna to work very well." However, he cautioned that it will be "a process" when it comes to the denuclearization.

Trump revealed that the U.S. team had worked "very well" with the representatives from Pyongyang during the bilateral preparatory talks for the summit.

Trump will travel directly to Singapore from Canada to attend the meeting. He said earlier this week that his stay length in Singapore would be decided "depending on what happens."

The back-on-track summit followed a whirlwind of diplomacy after Trump called off the meeting in late May.

Sky News, Xinhua