Positive signals in US-China trade talks

Positive signals in US-China trade talks

NDO – The trade negotiations between the United States and China have recently seen positive signals as the Chinese Ministry of Commerce assessed that the two sides conducted “serious and constructive” discussions. (Nov 07, 2019 16:12:38)


Newly signed deal eases US-Japan trade tensions

  Sep 27, 2019 12:12:15
NDO – US President Donald Trump and Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe have signed a document that is considered by both sides as the “initial phase” of a US-Japan trade agreement. Despite not being a comprehensive deal, the document is still an important achievement, helping to relieve tensions between the two countries, which have lasted for over a year, related to the thorniest issues, including the taxes on Japanese automobiles and US agricultural products. 

No one will be left behind

  Sep 26, 2019 13:09:15
NDO - The first-ever Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) Summit has recently been held at the New York headquarters, in the US, with the participation of leaders of countries, businesses and international organisations, calling for “taking the decisions necessary in order to come together more effectively to ensure that the 2030 Agenda is successfully implemented”. In which, ending poverty, building a low-carbon economy, and promoting a fair and peaceful society are the goals that countries are striving to accomplish. 

Responsibility and action

  Sep 24, 2019 17:24:00
NDO – The UN Climate Action Summit opened in New York, the US on September 23 with the participation of representatives from more than 60 countries and the European Union (EU). 

A controversial plan

  Sep 13, 2019 17:14:05
NDO - Arab countries in the Middle East simultaneously strongly criticised the new move of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to annex the Jordan Valley, a key part of the West Bank, if he wins a closely contested election just a week away. The international community is concerned that this Israeli plan will escalate tensions in the region, threatening to completely bring down the Middle East peace process. 

WEF Africa 2019 an opportunity to arouse potential of “Dark Continent”

  Sep 09, 2019 17:01:36
NDO – More than 1,000 African and international leaders operating in the fields of politics, economy and society, as well as global scholars, recently gathered in the South African city of Cape Town to attend the 28th World Economic Forum on Africa (WEF Africa 2019). 

Trade instability hinders US economy: experts

  Sep 08, 2019 15:23:58
NDO – Forecasts and statistics have shown that "dark clouds" have begun to cover the prospects of the world's leading economy. 

The “heat” from Amazon rainforest wildfires

  Aug 31, 2019 18:08:46
NDO – The growing wildfires in the Amazon rainforest have become a “hot” topic for the media and occupied the whole agenda of many forums in the world over recent times. The international community is concerned about not only the serious impacts of the wildfires, but also the search of a consensus to address the common global challenges. 

G7 Summit 2019: Differences between members yet to be bridged

  Aug 27, 2019 18:13:49
NDO – Anticipating difficulties in reaching a consensus on many of the world’s current pressing issues, the host country of the Group of Seven (G7) Summit 2019, France, adjusted the traditional format as it had not drafted the conference’s Joint Declaration. However, resolving disagreements between the most developed countries in the world still remains an “impossible mission”. With G7 members not looking towards the same direction, it is difficult for the group to maintain its influence in global governance. 

Diplomatic efforts

  Aug 26, 2019 17:18:01
NDO - Iranian Foreign Minister M. Zarif has just concluded his visits to four countries including Finland, Sweden, Norway and France to promote diplomatic efforts to reduce the negative impact of US sanctions. Iran wanted to seek European support to remove the current economic difficulties, as well as reduce pressure from the US, amid France's plan to ease escalating tensions in the Gulf. 

Improving Russia-France relations

  Aug 21, 2019 17:03:46
NDO – Russian President Vladimir Putin paid an official visit to France on August 19. The visit takes place ahead of the Group of Seven (G7) Summit 2019, scheduled to be held in France’s Biarritz from August 24-26. The relations between Moscow and Paris are gradually warming again when meetings between the two sides, especially at a high level, have become more regular.  

Unstable security a major challenge to Afghanistan

  Aug 20, 2019 17:19:29
NDO - A bloody terrorist attack recently took place in Kabul, Afghanistan, killing 63 people and injuring nearly 200, for which the self-proclaimed Islamic State (IS) has claimed responsibility. 

Unstable oil prices

  Aug 19, 2019 17:31:25
NDO - The world oil market currently reamains unsteady before the developments of the trade war between the US and China, as well as the geopolitical tensions between Iran and the West. Experts recently warned that the “black gold” market is on the verge of crisis. 

Concern about double crisis

  Aug 16, 2019 17:08:41
NDO - The stagnant and unpredictable Brexit process (the UK leaving the European Union - EU) is negatively affecting the UK and other European countries. Analysts are concerned about the risk of the double crisis both in the economy and politics in the UK in the coming time. 

Difficult signal

  Aug 13, 2019 14:11:16
NDO - The US-China trade war and the gloomy future of Brexit (Britain’s split from the European Union) have had a negative impact on Europe's two leading economies, Germany and France. This has also “darkened” the economic growth prospects of the entire Eurozone.