Regaining the appeal

Regaining the appeal

NDO – After months of delay, the European Union (EU) has agreed to open accession negotiations with Albania and North Macedonia. The decision to open the door to the Western Balkan partners has not only confirmed the EU’s commitment to the region, but also reflects the “post-Brexit” effort to revive the “attractiveness” of the bloc, which seemed to diminish after the breakup with the UK. (Mar 28, 2020 17:31:21)


Anti-epidemic activities on economic front

  Mar 16, 2020 17:26:21
NDO - The COVID-19 pandemic has spread worldwide, creating the risk of serious recession for the global economy. 

Retaliatory moves between the US and Iran escalate tensions in the region

  Mar 13, 2020 17:17:17
NDO – The US House of Representatives recently passed a resolution that aims to prevent President Donald Trump from taking military action against Iran without approval from Congress. The move shows that US lawmakers do not want the country to engage in a war, particularly in the context of so many domestic and foreign issues waiting to be resolved. 

Benefit problem

  Mar 11, 2020 17:57:40
NDO - Turkish President T. Erdogan has visited Brussels, Belgium to ask for more support from NATO allies, despite the anger of European Union (EU) member states regarding the way Ankara has handled migration issues. The agreement to halt the flow of migrants between Turkey and the EU is being threatened, severely damaging the relationship between the two. 

Making a breakthrough

  Mar 06, 2020 17:25:38
NDO – The results of Super Tuesday (the United States presidential primary election day) have better portrayed the 2020 race to the White House. Former US Vice President Joe Biden and Senator Bernie Sanders are competing for the lead in the internal race of the Democratic Party. Meanwhile, President Trump has gained almost full support from the Republican Party for a second term in the White House.  

Huge migrant pressure

  Mar 04, 2020 17:32:47
NDO – After a senior Turkish official said Ankara would no longer abide by a 2016 EU deal to prevent refugees from reaching Europe, the influx of migrants flocking to the Turkish-Greek border is putting enormous pressure on EU countries, especially Greece. Facing adverse developments on the Syrian battlefield, the “migration card” was used by Turkey to pressure the EU. 

Promoting shared vision

  Feb 26, 2020 16:48:16
NDO – US President D. Trump has just finished his two-day official visit to India. During his first official visit to India, President Trump had extensive discussions with Prime Minister of the host country N. Modi, on strengthening the defence relationship and bilateral strategy, after disagreements related to trade deficit. In particular, the two sides agreed to strongly promote the strategic partnership toward the future, and affirmed the increasing “convergence” of common interests, especially in the Indo-Pacific region. 

Protecting the global economy against risks

  Feb 25, 2020 13:27:02
NDO – The 2020 G20 Finance Ministers and Central Bank Governors Meeting recently took place in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, touching on a series of “hot” global issues and agreeing on an action plan to protect the world economy against risks, especially in the context of the COVID-19 outbreak. 

The risk of double crisis

  Feb 24, 2020 16:05:14
NDO – The number of Covid-19 cases outside China has been growing rapidly in recent days, marking a new phase of the epidemic worldwide. Accordingly, new challenges to the world economy also increase in parallel with the outbreak of the epidemic and many countries are facing the risk of double crisis both in health and economics. 

A hard chess move

  Feb 19, 2020 17:08:39
NDO – Turkish diplomats have come to Moscow to negotiate with Russia on tensions in northwest Syria’s Idlib. Meanwhile, the Syrian government troops are winning brittle victories in attacks in order to control the last territory in the hands of the rebels, towards the complete liberation of Syria. The new developments on the “Syrian chess board” may pose a risk on cracking relations between Russia and Turkey. 

Strategic transition

  Feb 16, 2020 14:35:06
NDO – The visit made by the US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo to the sub-Saharan Africa from February 15 is considered an effort to affirm the US as a leading partner of Africa. 

Keeping the peace train on the right track

  Feb 13, 2020 11:38:21
NDO – Under the theme “The Middle East situation, including the Palestinian question”, the recent open briefing of the United Nations Security Council (UNSC) offered an opportunity to discuss new developments after the United States announced its controversial peace plan. 

Silencing the guns

  Feb 11, 2020 16:32:39
NDO – African leaders have met at the 33rd annual summit in 2020, with great expectations while making substantial commitments. Though there are still many bridges to cross on the way to achieve the goal of “silencing the guns” on the continent, with initial the potential being achieved, especially in terms of economics, Africa is optimistic towards the continents future.  

Global efforts enhanced to protect “green planet”

  Feb 08, 2020 11:51:23
NDO – To cope with the increasingly serious impacts of climate change, many countries have recently made long-term commitments and plans, while calling on the international community to act together for a “green planet”. 

Double challenge

  Feb 07, 2020 16:24:23
NDO - Iraqi President appointed Mohammed Tawfiq Allawi as the new prime minister to replace Adel Abdul Mahdi, who was forced to resign under huge pressure from the unrest within the country.