“COVID-19 Park” – a message of belief in victory over the pandemic

Saturday, 2021-02-27 19:04:25
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Entrance to the COVID-19 Park.
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NDO – 80 unique sculptures at a "COVID-19 Park" in Da Lay tell the story of the fight against the COVID-19 epidemic by the Vietnamese Government and people, with the desire to convey the message of solidarity and a strong belief in a final victory over the pandemic.

The park, located at a tourist sculpture tunnel at Tuyen Lam Lake National Tourist Complex, Da Lat city, Lam Dong province, has attracted the attention of locals and tourists from the first days after its launch.

It was initiated by Trinh Ba Dung, General Director of the Sculpture Tunnel Tourist Site, who also tells the story of Da Lat's history with a complex of clay sculptures under a 1,200m-long tunnel at Tuyen Lam Lake National Tourist Complex.

The park lies under a pine forest canopy.

Mr. Dung is also the person that brought the Kilo submarine to the mountain, in the Submarine Tourism Area on the Mountain in Cam Lam district, Khanh Hoa province, with the model of a submarine same shape and size as the Kilo submarine of the army at Cam Ranh Port, by which he hopes to send the message that Vietnam is hospitable, peace-loving and ready to fight to protect the country.

“The world has admired Vietnam in its battle against the COVID-19 pandemic. I really appreciate the Vietnamese spirit and the Government's decisive and timely leadership, which has brought about very good results. That helped me form the idea of building this park, thereby, continuing to send the message of a safe and peaceful Vietnam to international friends,” said Dung.

Mr. Trinh Ba Dung introduces a model to send the message of "Only leave your house when it is really necessary".

On the large steel clock placed at the entrance, each hour is an anti-epidemic measure (keep distance, disinfection, medical declaration, wear face masks etc), essential items for epidemic prevention (field hospitals, disinfection spray, breathing apparatus, communication) and 12 o'clock features the Vietnamese people unanimously joining the Government to repel the epidemic.

The number 2021 also communicates a belief in the defeat of the coronavirus. At position 0 (2020) is standing the coronavirus. At number 1 (2021), there is a model featuring medical staff defeating the evil virus and bringing back joy. At the entrance, the name "COVID-19 Park" appears on the ground, meaning that when we bury COVID-19, life will be green.

The model reflecting faith in defeating COVID-19.

Ms. Vu Thi Hue, a tourist from Hai Phong, said: “This beautiful park built under a pine forest sends a very practical and meaningful message. Let us join hands to spread the message on disease prevention and control to make people more aware, and contributing more to repelling COVID-19 in the shortest time possible, bringing a peaceful life back.”

Uprooting the evil coronavirus.

Unanimously knocking-out COVID-19.

According to the owner of the park, the idea was something he wished to do for quite a long time, and after more than three months, his collaborators joined him in making 80 sculptures, followed by a theme to make everyone understand the story of Vietnam uniting and effectively fighting against COVID-19.

Antiseptic solution fighter "blowing" out COVID-19.

Covid-19 will have to surrender.

“The greatest value is the image and reputation of the nation in the fight against the pandemic. When there is a safe and reputable destination, many people in various fields will pay attention and look for it,” said Dung.

Inside the park, each cluster of sculptures represents each level of COVID-19 epidemic prevention and control, from the crude "weapons", to science and technology advances and the quest to destroy the coronavirus, forcing it to surrender. The last area shows how human civilisation is the "supreme court on earth" in condemning the evil virus.

Sentencing of Covid-19.

Bringing COVID-19 to prison awaiting execution with a vaccine.

Taking her children to visit the park, Ms. Nguyen Thi Thu Hong from Ho Chi Minh City said: “This park is very meaningful, especially children. I find it very interesting and useful, as the messages from the models will add to the feeling of optimism regarding quickly destroying the epidemic.”

Currently the world is grappling with the epidemic, and "COVID-19 Park" is a spiritual dish reinforcing a belief in victory over the pandemic, introducing to international friends a safe and beautiful Da Lat as well as Vietnam.

Vietnam joining the world to smash the epidemic.

Photo: NDO/Mai Van Bao