Chuon lagoon in Hue

Saturday, 2019-05-04 18:49:27
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Chuon lagoon in Hue
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NDO - Referring to Thua Thien - Hue, tourists often think of palaces, temples, tombs. Not only that, the poetic and slow life there is also loved by many people. Especially, among the places featuring Hue's style, it is impossible to ignore the lyrical scene of Chuon lagoon, which imprints a beauty that touches people's hearts.

Dam Chuon (also known as Cau Hai lagoon), is the largest part of the Tam Giang lagoon aquatic system, covering an area of over 100 hectares. It is located in An Truyen Village, Phu Vang district, Thua Thien – Hue province, nearly 15 kilometers away from the centre of Hue city.

Just cross highway No. 49 towards An Truyen village, passing through fragrant ripe rice fields, you will see Chuon Lagoon existing in a peaceful context. In addition to the two vehicles, motorbikes and cars, visitors can find out about the bus route to save a little cost. However, with reasonable rent from VND100,000 to VND120,000 per day, motorbikes are convenient for travelling and admiring the spectacular view of the Complex of Hue Monuments.

Chuon lagoon is well-known as a must-see spot in Hue because of its charming scenery. It is a fascinating place for tourists who love exploring and hunting for amazing photos. Especially, travelling to Chuon Lagoon, besides watching nature, you will have the opportunity to enjoy the special food in the fresh air. A row of floating restaurants on the lagoon, which are mainly made from bamboo, will provide you with a good view and comfortable seat. For those who visit here, they will not forget the long and curved bamboo bridges where visitors have the opportunity to experience a fascinating feeling when going on the bridge to the restaurant.

It can be said that while eating, enjoying the natural scenery is an interesting experience for domestic and international tourists. Before entering the restaurant, the visitors can spend about 30 minutes on the trip to sit on a boat, watching the romantic scenery.

One thing that you may like most is the very fresh raw fish here. Just go to the lagoon, choose which fish you like the most and just a few moment later, thanks to the talented skill of the cook, many delicious and tasty foods will appear before your eyes. The most famous food here is banh xeo ca kinh(rice pancake made from a fish in the Chuon lagoon).

Chuon lagoon is really an ideal place for those who want to experience new feelings, temporarily stay away from the bustle and crowded city to mix them into the nature, inhaling the pure air, eat simple food in the country then their tiresome sadness will disappear. It is truly a stunning beauty especially in the glow of the long rays of sunset. Furthermore, approaching here, the travellers will get new and unique experiences which tourists only get at the lagoon. For example, tourists will learn about the fisherman’s life with their traditional ways of catching fish as well as using their fishing tools.

At sunset, Chuon lagoon appears wonderfully like a picturesque landscape. Leaving the noise of the urban city behind, you will completely melt into the extreme tranquility here and be surrounded by the breath-taking beauty of the scenery. Especially, Chuon lagoon looks most fascinating in the period of time between April and July according to the lunar calendar and it is seen as the best time to visit. Visitors will experience and blend into the bustling atmosphere of the people when entering the harvest season of seafood and join the traditional festival of Chuon village.