Chicken feet: Perfect munchies with beer

Saturday, 2019-01-19 11:36:57
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Chicken feet bring the endless joy of gnawing. 'Chan ga chien mam' (chicken feet fried with fish sauce), a dish popular in the central region, now dominates food stalls in Hanoi.

To make the dish, boiled chicken feet are fried on a pan coated in fish sauce and cooked until the sauce becomes condensed.

Grilled chicken feet can come on a stick. Ly Van Phuc Street in Dong Da district is known as Hanoi's BBQ chicken street. It’s easy to find your way to the street thanks to the scent pervading from the charcoal burners.

The chicken was sublime, indeed. It was moist, yet charred, as well as sweet and sticky. Apart from chicken feet, gourmets can try chicken wings and thighs.