Porridge noodles – a famous dish in Nghe An province

Porridge noodles – a famous dish in Nghe An province

'Chao canh' (porridge noodles), a famous Nghe An specialty, is not a combination of noodles and porridge as its name suggests. (Jul 13, 2019 17:26:26)


CNN lists top five must-try dishes for foreigners to try in Hanoi

  Jun 12, 2019 11:11:20
NDO/VNA - The US Cable News Network (CNN) has recently recommended five must-try dishes for foreign visitors on the streets of Hanoi, besides bun cha and world-famous pho.  

Hanoi Cuisine Culture Festival features Vietnam's famous specialties

  Jun 08, 2019 11:41:06
NDO/VNA - The Hanoi Cuisine Culture Festival which opened on June 7 features famous specialties from the country's three regions. 

World Tapa Day to be observed in Vietnamese restaurants

  Jun 04, 2019 09:59:30
NDO/VNA – The Spanish Embassy in Vietnam on June 3 held a press conference to introduce the World Tapa Day in Vietnam and activities to celebrate the event. 

Da Nang International Food Festival opens

  Jun 03, 2019 11:32:09
NDO/VNA – The Da Nang International Food Festival opened on the East Side of Dragon Bridge in the central city on the evening of June 2. 

Sticky rice with perch – Discover the secret of ‘Xoi ca ro dong’

  Jun 02, 2019 13:05:26
Sticky rice is a common dish, which can be found in almost every corner of Hanoi. But there is a unique sticky rice style served with “ro dong”, a local perch that can only found in rice fields. 

Banh hoi long heo (fine rice vermicelli cake with pig tripe)

  May 26, 2019 15:34:42
'Banh hoi long heo' is a typical breakfast dish for locals in Quy Nhon, the capital of Binh Dinh Province, but you can also find many shops selling this dish in the evening. 

Vermicelli soup with crab sauce: A must-try Pleiku special

  May 18, 2019 17:28:59
Bun mam cua (a black, pungent crab noodle rice vermicelli soup with crab sauce) is a must-try specialty for visitors in Pleiku city in the Central Highlands province of Gia Lai. 

Distinctive Hanoian flavours to be highlighted at food culture festival in June

  May 17, 2019 16:32:37
NDO – The second Hanoi food culture festival will take place at Thong Nhat Park in Hanoi from June 7 to 9, with the aim to introduce the distinctive flavours of the capital city and different areas of Vietnam to visitors. 

Banh Khoai (Fried sweet potato cake)

  May 12, 2019 16:44:57
'Banh khoai' is an interesting choice for the youths in cold winter days. In chilly evenings, on the crowded streets in the rush time, charming aroma of 'banh khoai', 'banh chuoi' spreads to every corners, making the passers ravenous. 

World leading chefs to attend International Food Festival

  May 09, 2019 16:58:15
NDO – The 2019 International Food Festival will be held in the central city of Da Nang from June 2-6, featuring the participation of 14 world leading chefs. 

Pia in Son La

  Apr 28, 2019 16:17:50
NDO- Visiting Son La without eating Pia is seen as a failure. Some people say that after just the first try, this dish will never leave your memory. But what exactly is the great secret behind this speciality of Son La? 

Taste of Australia to take place in May

  Apr 24, 2019 11:31:55
NDO/VNA – The Embassy and Consulate General of Australia in Vietnam announced their plans to host the fourth edition of the Taste of Australia programme at a ceremony in Ho Chi Minh City on April 23. 

Pig skin cake – a treat not to be missed

  Apr 21, 2019 14:48:58
NDO/VNA – ‘Banh da lon’ (literal translation “pig-skin cake”) can easily be found in many places in Vietnam in local markets or on the streets. 

Yen Mac fermented spring roll

  Apr 13, 2019 18:09:37
No one can say how long this simple dish has belonged to the Ninh Binh people but it has been a familiar dish both with local people and also for visitors from near and far.