Coconut milk custard cake

Coconut milk custard cake

Tourists can savour Ben Tre’s sweets for dessert at the Ba Beo stall on Hung Vuong Street, where the signature dish is the coconut milk custard cake. (Sep 19, 2020 16:25:38)


Rice with salt: A delicacy of Hue imperial city

  Aug 16, 2020 10:21:12
NDO/VNA - People in the imperial capital of Hue are very good at cooking so they have many recipes to create unique and delicious dishes using salt with cereals, vegetables, meat and fish. One of these delicacies is rice served with salt. 

‘Bo nhung dam’: A must-try dish in Hanoi

  Aug 08, 2020 12:21:25
NDO/VNS - Hanoi is home to hundreds of delicious dishes and prominent among them is ‘Bo nhung dam’ (beef dipping in vinegar hotpot). 

Vietnamese baguette with cow offal in Ha Tien town

  Aug 01, 2020 15:31:44
‘Banh mi pha lau’ (baguette filled with cow offal) is an exotic street food thanks to the unique filling. 

Minced pork grilled in ‘dong’ leaves

  Jul 25, 2020 15:14:55
The meat is marinated with several spices including the ‘mac khen’ pepper, wrapped in layers of ‘dong’ leaves and grilled on a charcoal stove or placed inside wooden embers of a stove. 

Grilled chicken in bamboo tube

  Jul 19, 2020 16:31:01
Grilled chicken in bamboo tube is a famous dish of the Thai ethnic minority people in several northwestern provinces. 

“Thach gang”: A popular refresher of Hai Phong city

  Jul 05, 2020 11:30:09
“Thach gang” (home-made grass jelly) conjures up childhood memories for most people in the northern port city of Hai Phong. The fresh softness of the jelly melts on the tip of the tongue. 

Unique dishes in the upland area of Lam Binh

  Jul 01, 2020 11:44:07
NDO – One of the most attractive features for visitors to Lam Binh district in the northern province of Tuyen Quang is the unique cuisine and specialties of the upland area. 

Seaweed sweet soup - a cure for the summer heat

  Jun 28, 2020 10:31:48
A combination of green beans and seaweed, 'che dau xanh rong bien' is a perfect blend of land and sea, bringing natural fresh nutrients and a delightful flavour to eaters. 

Vietnamese noodles named among Asia’s best by CNN Travel

  Jun 27, 2020 11:07:25
NDO/VNA – Three types of Vietnamese noodles found a place on a list of Asia’s best noodles put together by CNN Travel to provide a beginner’s guide to popular Asian noodles made from ingredients such as rice, starch, wheat, and vegetables. 

World Tapas Day celebrated in Hanoi

  Jun 21, 2020 22:00:19
NDO/VNA – World Tapas Day (June 18), the second of its kind in Vietnam, was celebrated in a unique cultural - fashion space in Hanoi on June 20. 

Beef meatball noodle soup in Chau Doc Town

  Jun 13, 2020 21:18:25
"Hu tieu bo vien", or beef meatball noodle soup, can be seen everywhere in the downtown area with locals eating it in the morning and evening. 

Squid in Phan Thiet city

  Jun 06, 2020 16:48:33
Locals call it “rang muc”, or the flesh on the head of a squid, and Phan Thiet has made it a specialty for its delicious taste and interesting texture. 

Italian cuisine promoted in Vietnam

  Jun 01, 2020 17:21:14
NDO – A programme, titled “True Italian Taste - Pasta Master”, will be held at Caravelle Saigon Hotel on June 3, aiming to promote Italian cuisine to Vietnamese people.  

The horn shell in Mekong River Delta

  May 31, 2020 11:49:32
The horn shell, also known as the mud creeper, are commonly found in mangrove forests. These are found on tree trunks, feeding on algae or organic detritus.