Swimmer Hoang Quy Phuoc wins gold in Swedish tournament

Wednesday, 2017-04-12 11:34:14
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Top Vietnamese swimmer, Hoang Quy Phuoc.
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NDO – Top Vietnamese swimmer, Hoang Quy Phuoc, won a gold medal in the 100m freestyle swimming event at the Stockholm Swimming Open 2017, in Sweden, on April 11 (local time).

The Da Nang native competes in the tournament under the jersey of Hungarian Club BVSC Zuglo, where he is training to prepare for the SEA Games 2017, this August.

Competing in the 100m event with 182 swimmers, including quite a few strong European athletes, Quy Phuoc qualified in the sixth place in the qualifying round with 50.52 seconds. However, entering the finals, he took the lead after 49.96 seconds, 0.07 seconds compared to Christoffer Carlsen in second place, to win the gold medal.

The above result is not the best for Quy Phuoc in 100m freestyle event. In the National Swimming Championship in 2016, the Da Nang player won the gold medal with a timing of 49.90 seconds. The result was recognised as a national record for the distance.

According to statistics from the International Swimming Federation (FINA), the best 100m freestyle record of Phuoc’s career was 49.91 seconds at the IX Meeting Lisbon International WOS Tournament in Portugal in early 2017.

The first time Phuoc was highly praised in international competitions was in the 100m freestyle at the 2011 SEA Games. At that time, Phuoc won the first place with a timing of 50.79 seconds. At the 2015 SEA Games in Singapore, Phuoc got a bronze medal with 50.60 seconds.

In Sweden, Phuoc also ranked fourth in the 200m freestyle event with a parameter of 1:48.85. The result helps him break his own national record at 1:48.93 seconds.

The 1993 born swimmer returned to Hungary after the National Swimming Competition 2017, for the 25m pool event by the end of March. The tournament in Sweden is one of the swimming events in Europe that the BVSC Zuglo Club is attending. The Stockholm Open wrapped up later Tuesday (local time).