Quang Liem – History maker at World Chess Cup

Monday, 2013-08-26 11:31:15
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Quang Liem (left) is warmly received on the day of his return
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Nhan Dan Online – Vietnam chess prodigy Le Quang Liem landed Sunday at Tan Son Nhat airport in Ho Chi Minh City after miraculously progressing into the fourth round of the 2013 Men’s World Chess Cup. 

In a short interview with a reporter of the ‘thethaovanhoa.vn’ web portal, Liem shared the excitement and unforgettable experience of his journey to Tromso, Norway, to compete in the event.

Q: How do you assess your newly-gained achievement?

A: It was a big surprise and a great honour for me to advance into the fourth round of one of the world’s most prestigious chess tournaments which featured fierce competition from the leading chess stars in the world.

Prior to the event, I had expected to enter the third round as in 2011. It was fantastic that I beat my prior accomplishment and became the first Vietnam player to make it into Round 4 and the only Asian chess grandmaster in the top 16 contestants.

Q: Could you share the secret for your success?

A: I was luckily accompanied by both my father and mother during the World Cup competition, which acted as a spiritual impetus driving me to play more confidently in each match.

Besides, I always maintained a comfortable mind and tried to do my best, regardless of taking on much stronger opponents.

Q: There were some pre-World Cup ideas doubting your opportunity for success at the competition, as you have not performed well in the standard chess category since the beginning of the year. The World Cup result is your answer to the above-mentioned suspicion, right?

A: I am quite satisfied with my standard chess performance so far this year. I have never played just to dispel any doubts about my ability in the standard discipline. It is also not necessary.

As an experienced player with years of competing in big international arenas, what I think is the most important is to overcome the pressure of public opinion, considering it as a driving force to play better.

Q: What are your future plans?

A: As I said the day before my Norway departure, I still plan on studying abroad following the conclusion of the World Cup. I leave for the United States in a few days to pursue a four-year finance degree at Webster University.

Certainly, I will be unable to participate in domestic and international chess tournaments during my time in the US; however, I will keep up training and choose to compete in some tournaments that match with my study schedules.

Q: How about the 27th Southeast Asian (SEA) Games and the SportAccord World Mind Games later this year?

A: There is good possibility that I will not take part in the 27th SEA Games in Myanmar this December as it coincides with my study course in the US. I am also sorry for my absence from the largest regional sports event. Regarding the SportAccord World Mind Games in Beijing, I have not yet received any official invitation from the organizing board. At present, I do not have any specific plan for this tournament.

Thank you very much for this interview!