Outstanding Vietnamese sportsmen in 2010

Disabled swimmer Vo Thanh Tung

Monday, 2011-01-31 15:42:00
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Nhan Dan - Sports is for everyone, but for the disabled, it is also a good way to help them overcome their disabilities. The rising aspiration of people with disabilities as well as the community's love for them is always strongly reflected through sport competitions.

At the 2010 Asian Para Games in Guangzhou, China, spectators from around Asia had the chance to witness examples of will and aspiration of disabled athletes. Prominent amongst those with 'non-disabled' hearts is swimmer Vo Thanh Tung, the 'golden' boy of the Vietnamese sport. With an excellent performance, Tung brought home a gold medal in the men's 50m freestyle, S5 (poliomyelitis) category. The next day, he continued to win another silver medal in the 100m freestyle.

The first thing Tung did after winning the gold medal was to call his mother who was being treated for heart disease. Tung said that although he was paralysed, he always stayed close to his mother as he was the only son in the family. She was always the one who shared everything with him. But it’s his father who helped him realise this achievement. Tung’s father used to travel to work by boat every day on the river and taught him how to swim in anticipation of mishaps. Then swimming became Tung's passion and he quickly showed his skills when he had a chance to practice the sport in Can Tho city. Tung always tried to practice hard and did his utmost to overcome all difficulties and gained outstanding individual achievements. Since 2005, Tung has seemed to have no opponents in both domestic and Southeast Asian competition in the 50m, 100m freestyle and 50m butterfly events.

The 25-year-old swimmer is now living and working in his home city of Can Tho with a job repairing mobile phones. Tung uses his earnings to cover his own expenses and care for his mother. He has a simple and beautiful dream of rebuilding his parents’ house.