Karate artist Vu Thi Nguyet Anh: Never give up!

Thursday, 2010-10-14 11:03:00
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Nhan Dan - Four years ago at the 15th Asian Games in Doha, Qatar, the name Nguyet Anh made the hearts of millions of fans tremble as she won the second precious gold medal in karate for Vietnam.


Four years later, Nguyet Anh's journey to defend her championship has become extremely tough because of an unhealed injury and the increasing number of strong new rivals. However, in the arena as well as her own life, Anh always grows stronger in the most difficult times.

Strong-willed from childhood

It's not by chance that the girl with the smile like a flower likes short hair. Mr. Long, Anh's father, said she always loved football and wanted to show her strong personality with her short hair since she was a child. In 1998, when the Hai Phong Centre for Football Training enrolled students, Nguyet Anh insisted on asking her parents to let her join. But her parents thought it was not a suitable sport for girls so they told her the deadline for applications had expired. After crying for a few days, Nguyet Anh surprised her family with her decision to join a karate course.

Nguyet Anh's parents finally agreed, never expecting that, eight years later, their daughter would bring home the most valuable medal at the Asian Games.

Overcoming all difficulties

It took Nguyet Anh eight years to gain her achievement at the Asian Games. Eight years is not a long time in a life, but it provided so much experience for the girl from Hai Phong. After practising karate for only one year, Nguyet Anh moved to the Army team. Leaving her parents when she turned 15, Nguyet Anh faced many difficulties, but a true martial artist should know how to overcome obstacles.

Nguyet Anh practises every day which has contributed greatly to her success. Before the historic final against Vasantha Marial Anthony from Malaysia at the 15th Asian Games, Anh was under great pressure as the 'golden hopes' of Vietnam failed one by one. Three days before the final, she also suffered a serious illness and physical decline due to dehydration. Still, from the first to the final round, Anh always tried her best and her efforts paid off.

At the 25th SEA Games in Laos, Nguyet Anh maintained her spirit to win the gold medal despite a knee injury. Coach Le Cong said success is not purely a matter of technique, it requires a lot of will and Nguyet Anh was always the best one to show it.

The most difficult moments always bring out the best in Nguyet Anh and she proves her abilities to overcome them. So, although defending her gold medal will be tough and her injury is not yet fully healed, rest assured that Nguyet Anh will continue to bring glory to her home country at the up-coming Asian Games.


Mai Huong