Promoting school baseball and softball training a priority for VBSF: sports official

Friday, 2021-04-16 17:44:53
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Deputy Director of the General Department of Sports and Physical Training Tran Duc Phan (C) serves as President of the Vietnam Baseball and Softball Federation in the 2021-2025 tenure.
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NDO – In a recent interview granted to the media, President of the Vietnam Baseball and Softball Federation (VBSF) Tran Duc Phan touched upon the VBSF’s top priorities to boost boost the development of both sports in the near future

Q: How do you evaluate the establishment of the VBSF at the present time?

A: This is a great opportunity to develop these two sports in Vietnam. Baseball and softball are part of the Olympic programme and among the group of team sports that help develop physical strength, psychology, fighting spirit, and even intelligence.

In fact, they appeared and have gradually developed in Vietnam for more than a decade, but there is no official organisation to manage the relevant activities.

It can be said that now is an important and appropriate time to establish the VBSF, which will organise, manage and administer the development of these sports, and step by step incorporate them into the official competition system of Vietnamese sports, towards approaching regional and international playgrounds.

Q: What are the VBSF’s leading tasks and priorities in the near future?

A: In the process of developing the personnel and development projects for these two sports, and on the basis of evaluating all activities, we realise that a key point in developing baseball and softball is to build training models in the school environment, from primary school to university levels. This will help arouse passion among learners, especially students.

As baseball and softball are Olympic sports, a sustainable development process for these two events is much needed, so promoting development from school level is the most appropriate way. We will give priority to the task of developing school baseball and softball movements, as reported at the congress, and in order to do this, we will have to cooperate well with the Ministry of Education and Training.

Q: One of the VBSF’s development orientations is to promote the mobilisation of non-state resources. Can you be specific about this, as well as about the partners and sponsors that will accompany the federation?

A: One of the current advantages in Vietnam is that there are many organisations and enterprises from countries with developed baseball and softball movements, especially baseball.

Given that fact, we will receive support and sponsorship in terms of facilities, resources and human factors related to coach and athlete training, as well as in the management, organisation and development of baseball and softball practising and competition movements. Therefore, in the near future, we believe we will receive great resources to support the development of these two sports in Vietnam.

Q: As the Deputy Director of the General Department of Sports and Physical Training, from a perspective of state management, can you share about the possible supports needed for the VBSF?

A: What’s urgent and important now is to deal with the issue of technical facilities. In the near future, we expect baseball and softball to be included in Vietnam’s competitive sports system.

Of course, it requires specific steps to make it come true. Firstly, the General Department will need to create the most favourable conditions and mechanisms for the development of baseball and softball. On that basis, we will gradually bring these two events into in the national competitive sports system.

Thank you for your sharing!

On April 10, the congress on the establishment of the VBSF was held in Hanoi. It elected a 23-member executive committee for the 2021-2025 tenure, led by Deputy Director of the General Department of Sports and Physical Training Tran Duc Phan.

The birth of the VBSF marks an important milestone in promoting and expanding the development of baseball and softball movements in a well-organised, scientific and professional manner across all regions of Vietnam.