International press spotlight success of 12th National Party Congress

Saturday, 2016-01-30 19:02:19
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The 12th National Congress of the Communist Party of Vietnam successfully ended on January 28n after eight days of sitting. (Credit: Tuan Hai/NDO)
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NDO – International friends continue to send congratulations and the foreign media keeps reporting on the successful end of the 12th National Congress of the Communist Party of Vietnam (CPV).

* According to the Vietnam News Agency, Jorge Kreyness, Secretary in charge of International Affairs of the Communist Party of Argentina praised the success of the congress. He said Argentinian Communist Party members were tracking movements of Vietnam’s Party congress, as Argentinians always admire the heroism of the people of Vietnam, a nation that has stood up against colonialism and imperialism.

He stressed that, in the context of globalisation, the dynamic development of Vietnam under the leadership of the CPV, the broad participation of people in discussing development policies of the nation, as well as its modernisation, technological revolution, and flexible application of market economy policies while pursuing the principles of socialism to serve the people’s interests, are things that Argentinian communists always pay attention to. He affirmed that the CPV is always loyal to the interests of the masses.

* The National News Agency of Argentina, Telam, the same day also run an article speaking highly of the success of the congress, affirming that under the leadership of the CPV, Vietnam has seen remarkable achievements. It said after devastating wars, the Doi Moi (renovation) process initiated by the CPV in 1986 has helped bring the country out of the list of poor nations to rank among middle-income countries. Doi Moi also marks the beginning of Vietnam’s international integration process.

* According to Nhan Dan newspaper’s reporters in Cambodia, the Phnom Penh Post reported on January 29 that the 12th National Congress of the CPV emphasised the Party’s principle of democratic centralism. The newspaper quoted General Secretary Nguyen Phu Trong as saying during the press conference after the closing of the congress, in which he emphasised the goal of building Vietnam into a strong nation with wealthy people, democratic, just and civilised society.

* Russian politicians, analysts, and social activists expressed their praise towards the success of the 12th CPV’s Congress. Andrey Klimov, Deputy Chairman of the Committee on International Affairs of the Council of the Russian Federation and Chairman of the Committee on International Affairs of the United Russia Party, said innovation will create favourable conditions for the country and its people to continue along the road to a stable economy and developed society.

* Historian and Vietnam researcher Piotr Svetov said Vietnam’s Party Congress has drawn world attention as well as attention in Russia, because of Vietnam’s increasing global political and economic influence. People have kept a close watch on developments at the event for the last eight days.

* Russia-Vietnam Friendship Association President Valadimir Buyanov congratulated all the people of Vietnam, the Party members and the whole CPV on the occasion of the closing of the 12th Party Congress. He was positive about the re-election of comrade Nguyen Phu Trong as Party General Secretary, saying that it would help promote friendly bilateral relations.

* According to Nhan Dan newspaper’s correspondents in France, on January 29, the French press published articles on the results of the 12th Congress of the CPV. L’Humanite of the French Communist Party ran an article noting that the congress showed high solidarity and consensus among the CPV. Results of the event reflected its determination to continue Doi Moi in various fields to achieve key indicators on socio-economic development and the environment as outlined in the Socio-economic Report at the congress.

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