Jubilantly moving forward with pride

Friday, 2016-01-29 13:00:45
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NDO – Over the recent days, Vietnamese people from all over the country have excitedly turned towards the capital city of Hanoi to follow every content and programme of the 12th National Congress of the Communist Party of Vietnam. People from all walks of life expressed their confidence and warmly welcome the success of the congress. This political event of great significance marks another shining milestone on the journey forward of the Vietnamese revolution.

The success of the congress is considered as a great pride as well as the sacred responsibility of over 4.5 million Party members before the new political tasks that Congress' Resolution has adopted.

The entire Party and people are proud of the success of the Congress, which is attributed to the spirit of solidarity, democracy, and wisdom of the Party that was affirmed during the eight days of working with a high sense of responsibility and innovation by the 1,510 delegates in attendance. The Congress held discussions in a democratic manner whilst offering accurate analysis on the important achievements obtained over the past five years, as well as openly specified limitations, weaknesses, causes and lessons learned to be addressed over the next five year period.

Despite numerous complicated situations in the region and the world, while many limitations and weaknesses of the domestic economy still remain, the entire Party, people and army have remained united as one and exerted every effort to successfully realise the Resolution of the 11th National Party Congress. The country has overcome numerous difficulties to proactively enhance the nation’s economic scale and potential. The implementation of an innovative model of growth, restructuring the economy and three strategic breakthroughs have seen initial positive results. Education and training, science and technology, culture, society and other sectors have continued to grow; social security has been secured while people’s living conditions have been much improved. The position of the country on the international arena continues to be enhanced. The building of the Party and political system has seen significant advances.

A major success of the Congress was the democratic, fair, and objective discussions to introduce and elect the 12th Party Central Committee (PCC) that comprises of 200 members, including 180 official and 20 alternate positions, ensuring the standards of quality, structure, rejuvenation and succession of the three ages. They are the most outstanding officials, representing the revolutionary virtues, political bravery, wisdom, competence and strength of the Party and were entrusted by the Congress to lead the whole Party and people to successfully implement the objectives, orientations and tasks outlined by the Congress.

The country jubilantly welcomes the success of the Congress. It has been affirmed that the results obtained over the past five years are a continuation of the country's achievements after 30 years of reforms - a cause of great historic and revolutionary significance in the Ho Chi Minh era, a profound and comprehensive modification process for the goal of a strong nation along with a wealthy people, democratic, just and civilised society.

The 12th National Congress provided a good opportunity for the Party to become fully aware and make active self-improvements in order to overcome limitations and weaknesses and reach synchronous and comprehensive innovation. Several socio-economic indicators are yet to have been fulfilled as scheduled; many targets and criteria for the goal to turn Vietnam into a modern industrialised country by 2020 have also not been realised. The economic restructuring associated with growth model innovation remains slow. There are still many limitations and weaknesses in education and training, culture and society. There has been a degradation of political ideology, ethics and lifestyles among a number of officials and Party members, as well as continued bureaucracy, corruption and wastefulness.

It is firmly believed that with the nature of revolution, science and superiority of the Party, limitations and weaknesses will soon be overcome. The Communist Party of Vietnam will forever be worthy of the Party for the working class of Vietnam, of the Vietnamese people and nation, continuing to shoulder the responsibilities and tasks of the country, as well as with Doi Moi (reform) whilst promoting industrialisation and modernisation in addition to proactive and positive international integration in order to develop the country in a rapid and sustainable manner.

Over the coming years, the regional and international situation is predicted to see complicated developments, directly affecting the country and creating both opportunities and challenges. Inside the country, the position and strength of the Party has been elevated. Commitments to the ASEAN Community and the World Trade Organisation as well as to new-generation free trade agreements will be implemented fully while international integration will be strengthened. However, dangers which the Party has stated still remain, especially in regards to the danger of Vietnam’s economy lagging behind in the region.

With the success of the congress, the entire Party, people and army pledge to be united and determined to realise overall targets set at congress. Above all else, it is crucial to turn ideals and determination into practical actions to realise the congress’ resolution. Party organisations and committees at all levels, as well as agencies and units should devise action plans to specify each task in the resolution. The tasks include continuing innovation in the growth model and economic restructure; boosting industrialisation and modernisation, accompanied by the development of the intellectual economy; improving the institution and developing the socialist-oriented market economy; comprehensively innovating education and training; developing and elevating the quality of human resources, particularly high-quality human resources; building and developing the Vietnamese culture and people with ethical, spiritual and intellectual beauty; developing creative skills, elevating the peoples social responsibilities; enhancing social management effectively; and fostering social advancement and equality.

In order to be on par with entrusted tasks, the revolutionary pioneer force of the working class and the representation of the nation’s interests - the Party should be consistent with implementing the 11th PCC’s resolution on Party building and promoting studying and following in President Ho Chi Minh’s moral example; focus on strengthening itself politically; steadfastly aim at national independence and socialism; continue on in the direction of innovation; elevate the intellectual domain, leading role and combative spirit of the Party; drastically fight against corruption and wastefulness; repel the degradation of political ideology, ethics and lifestyles of a part of officials and Party members; and strengthen the leading capacity and combative spirit of the Party, making it the ultimate leader, organiser and creator of all revolutionary achievements of the country.

On this occasion, the Party is honoured and expresses it’s whole-hearted thanks to political parties, organisations and international friends for their congratulatory letters and messages to the congress, showing the sound friendship to the Party, the country and people of Vietnam.

Under the motto “Solidarity, Democracy, Discipline and Renovation”, the congress’ success inspires the entire Party, people and army to join hands, overcome all difficulties and challenges, grasp opportunities, bring the spirit raised from the congress’ success to daily life, enhance patriotic emulation movements in all areas nationwide and strive for the target of tuning Vietnam into a modern industrialised country.

The congress’ success inspires and consolidates the people’s trust in the Party’s leadership on the path ahead with delight and pride!

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