Ceremony in Phu Tho commemorates legendary ancestors of Vietnam

Saturday, 2021-04-17 15:38:15
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Ceremony in Phu Tho commemorates legendary ancestors of Vietnam (Photo: NDO/Ngoc Long)
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NDO - Phu Tho provincial authorities held a ceremony on April 17 to commemorate the legendary national ancestors of Vietnam, Father Lac Long Quan and Mother Au Co.

Secretary of the Provincial Party Committee Bui Minh Chau joined other delegates to offered incense to Father Lac Long Quan at his temple on Sim Mountain in the Hung Kings Relic Site.

The delegates expressed their gratitude to the nation’s legendary father while vowing to promote solidarity and exert every effort towards the nation’s construction and defence in a bid to build a peaceful, prosperous and developed Vietnam.

The local leaders then offered incense and flowers to express their gratefulness to Mother Au Co at her temple on Van Mountain.

The ceremony is the most important ritual among a series of activities held annually in Phu Tho Province to pay tribute to the legendary founders of the nation and commemorate the death anniversary of Hung Kings, which falls on the tenth day of the third lunar month.

Legend has it that Lac Long Quan married Au Co, who gave birth to a sack of 100 eggs which later hatched into 100 sons.

Lac Long Quan took 50 sons to the sea and Au Co took 49 to the mountains to expand the territory, while the eldest son was crowned as the first Hung King, who named the country Van Lang and established the capital in Phong Chau, present-day Phu Tho.