Overseas Vietnamese aspire to contribute further to homeland

Thursday, 2020-01-30 16:49:54
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Prime Minister takes a photo with overseas Vietnamese joining the 2020 "Homeland Spring" Programme.
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NDO – During the ambiance of spring, overseas Vietnamese in many countries around the world were excited to welcome the Lunar New Year in the homeland as well as expressed their aspirations to further contribute to the world community and the homeland’s development.

Nguyen Viet Trieu, Member of the Executive Board of the Union of Vietnamese Associations in Europe (UVAE) and Vice Chairman of Vietnamese Association in Poland:

Actively support disadvantaged people in the homeland

I would like to express my sincere thanks to the Party and State for creating conditions for overseas Vietnamese to participate in meaningful activities, contributing to the country's development.

Each time overseas Vietnamese return to Vietnam, we are happy to see that the homeland has changed alongside the developed economy and increased the quality of people’s lives. As people living far from home, we have always preserved national cultural identities, while actively joining activities that support disadvantaged people nationwide, Trieu added.

On the occasion of coming home to attend the annual “Xuan Que Huong” (Homeland Spring) Programme, I hope the Government and Ministry of Foreign Affairs can pay close attention to teaching the Vietnamese language to overseas Vietnamese children in foreign countries; periodically calling for young scientists and intellectuals to return home for the national construction; and develop policies to encourage the OVs community to contribute more to the country.

Tran Thuy Mui, Vice President of Vietnam Women's Association in Slovakia:

Efforts to preserve national cultural identities

I have lived far from home for many years, so my greatest joy on the occasion of New Year is to return to Vietnam to celebrate the traditional Tet (Lunar New Year) Festival. Tet Festival is an opportunity to meet and recall traditional customs, pay tribute to ancestors and offer our best wishes for the new to come, together.

For overseas Vietnamese women like us, the preservation of national cultural identities is always considered as a top priority. Since the first days of its establishment, the Vietnamese Women’s Association in Slovakia has always been aware that Vietnamese language is absolutely vital to help descendants remember their origins. Therefore, for many years, we have coordinated with many associations to open Vietnamese language classes for young overseas Vietnamese as well as encouraged members to pay close attention to teaching Vietnamese and maintaining Vietnamese cultural values in each and every family. The overseas Vietnamese Community in Slovakia have also regularly organised cultural exchange programmes to introduce Vietnam’s unique cultural features to international friends. Foreigners attend adore the food, songs and Ao Dai (Vietnamese traditional long dresses) of Vietnam whole heartedly.

Nguyen Nhu Binh, overseas Vietnamese in the Czech Rupublic:

Being pleasure at the country’s prosperity

I am very pleasure at the country’s prosperity in all aspects, especially regarding the economy, in the past year, despite the unfavourable weather conditions, with many storms hitting the central region. Vietnam’s position and role has been raised in the. international arena as the country took over the ASEAN Chairmanship and a non-permanent member of the United Nations (UN) Security Council in 2020. The nation’s successes proved the firm leadership of the Party, helping people lead prosperous lives and making the country more developed overall. With this spirit, I believe that from now on to the 13th National Party Congress, the country will reap more achievements.

I am very proud that the generations of overseas Vietnam in the Czech Republic have made great contributions to tightening the friendship between the two countries. The Vietnamese expatriates in Czech strictly abide by the laws in their host country, worked hard and showing their great appreciation for the Czech Government.

Returning home and attending the 2020 “Homeland Spring” programme, I am very excited to immerse myself into the warm and lively atmosphere surrounding the nation. The programme’s organising board have been very thoughtful, showing due respect for overseas Vietnamese who have become important factors for the country’s prosperity.

Nguyen Thi Dieu Thuy, an overseas Vietnamese in the US, Ms Vietnam Entrepreneur Universe 2019:

Promoting the image of a beautiful Vietnam

Every year, no matter how busy I am, I put everything aside to welcome Tet in Vietnam. I have attended the “Homeland Spring” programme many times, and become well aware how the event exhibits the great attention paid by the Party and State to overseas Vietnamese. It has become an opportunity for the expatriates to gather in the warm and vibrant atmosphere of spring. Overseas Vietnam of all generations have always remembered their origin, wherever they are and whatever they’re doing. Every time Tet comes around, overseas Vietnamese in the US hold spring fairs full of traditional dishes; however, they couldn’t quite ease their nostalgia for their homeland. Therefore, returning home to celebrate Tet is the aspiration of all overseas Vietnamese.

I have travelled to many countries around the world, so I’ve had the opportunity to promote Vietnam’s image to international friends. Everywhere I went, I wore a Vietnamese Ao Dai because Vietnamese women are very charming in non la (conical hats) and traditional long dresses. I am always proud of the S-shaped land with many captivating scenes as well as intelligent, dynamic and sentimental people. I believe that if Vietnam continues to promote its strengths, the country will always be among the top most attractive destinations around the world.

Tran Quoc Thuan, Permanent Vice Chairman of Vietnamese Association in Russia:

A “bridge” for friendship between nations

I think that in addition to contributions to the national construction, the overseas Vietnamese abroad also play a huge role as a “bridge” for the friendship between Vietnam and foreign countries. Within that spirit, the overseas Vietnam in Russia have regularly organised cultural exchange programmes as well as actively promoted the image of the land and people of Vietnam to international friends in the host country.

2019 was a very special year for the Vietnamese expatriates in Russia as the Vietnam-Russia Cross Year was held for the first time. The overseas Vietnamese community in Russia organised numerous activities on the occasion of this important celebration, including singing competitions, football tournaments, food festivals, martial arts programmes, and a sports and physical training festival of Vietnamese students in the host country. In 2020, we will continue to hold many cultural events to mark the major holidays of the nation as well as promote the role as a bridge to further enhance the mutual understanding between the two peoples.