Airport emergency exercise held in Lam Dong

Tuesday, 2019-12-31 13:19:34
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Exercise for airport emergency in Lam Dong
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NDO – The Civil Aviation Authority of Vietnam (CAAV) in collaboration with the Airports Corporation of Vietnam and the Lam Dong Provincial Steering Committee on Terrorism Prevention and Control organised a rehearsal for an airport emergency in 2019, at Lien Khuong Airport, Lam Dong province, on December 30.

The rehearsal with the hypothetical situation: a commercial aircraft carrying 145 passengers and 2.8 tonnes of goods and luggage intends to land at Lien Khuong Airport. But the air traffic control has received notification from the crew that the rear right of the aircraft has malfunctioned, requesting priority landing and requiring ground support. Then the air traffic controller immediately notifies the situation for the aviation officer – Permanent Emergency Coordination Centre. The aviation officer will report to the Head of Emergency Coordination Centre.

Lien Khuong Airport has coordinated with synergistic forces, such as the fire department, traffic police, police, military, and medical to handle emergency situations.

The rehearsal aims to build the operational mechanism following the situation and organisational levels, to command sequence cooperation between the operating work of the officers and employees of the Lien Khuong Airport with relevant agencies and units in emergency work when aircrafts have problems in the flight operation area, and to establish and improve the efficiency of the collaboration between forces of the airport and the cooperation forces in handling the situations of aircraft with technical problems in the flight operation area.

Up to now, Vietnam's civil aviation industry operates 22 airports. There are five commercial airlines, with 218 aircraft of all kinds. In 2019, more than 116 million passengers passed through the airports, operating more than 900 thousand flights to / from and flying within the Vietnam flight region.

According to CAAV Deputy Director Dao Van Chuong, although the civil aviation industry of Vietnam has ensured absolute safety continuously for the past 23 years, the above figures also show that the industry faces security and safety challenges if there are no plans to respond to emergency situations.

According to the assessment, the rehearsal took place successfully according to the scenario, contributing to ensuring aviation safety and security.

Emergency rescue of victims.

Helping the victims to the ambulance.

Removing goods and luggage from the aircraft in trouble.

After completing the rescue work, the forces organised zoning to protect the scene

The forces participated in the rehearsal