Vietnamese Buddhist Sangha calls for reduction of single-use plastic

Tuesday, 2019-09-10 12:22:59
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Buddhist leaders call for plastic materials to be removed from lantern festivals. (Photo: Bao Tai nguyen Moi truong)
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NDO - The Vietnamese Buddhist Sangha (VBS) has issued a document calling for the reduction of single-use plastic products in daily life and Buddhist rituals.

The message came in response to the Prime Minister’s call and the Ministry of Natural Resources and the Environment’s movement on cutting down on plastic waste.

The VBS asked its local chapters to encourage monks, nuns, laypeople and local residents to change their habits in using plastic bags and plastic products that are difficult to decompose in order to protect the environment and human health.

In the message, Most Venerable Thich Duc Thien stated that plastic waste is negatively affecting the ecosystem, the living environment and the health of humans, and the sustainable development of each country.

He warned that if no prompt actions are taken, the impacts of plastic waste will be very serious.

The VBS called for the replacement of single-use plastic products such as straws, water bottles, rice boxes, bowls, plates, cups and spoons with glass or ceramic products at meetings and receptions.

The VBS also requested local chapters not to use plastic materials in lantern festivals to avoid waste and contaminating the water environment.