Robotic surgery carried out on liver cancer for the first time

Wednesday, 2017-08-09 11:30:43
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Doctors perform robotic surgery to completely cut down the liver lobes II and III on the patient.
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NDO – A patient with liver cancer has undergone surgery performed by doctors at Ho Chi Minh City’s Binh Dan Hospital to fully remove his liver’s two left lobes with the help of the latest generation of robotic surgery.

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This is also the first case of applying robotics for liver surgeries on adults in Vietnam.

The Long An patient, C. M. T, 59, was found to have a tumour in the left liver area during a regular health check-up. Suspecting that it was a progressive cancer, doctors at Binh Dan Hospital made an appointment for a blood test in order to find biomarkers and carried out a MS-CT scan for abdominal assessment. The results showed that the patient had a 6cm cancer tumour at the lower lobes II and III and it was a non-metastatic node.

For non-metastatic liver cancer, radical surgery is the most effective treatment. After discussions with the patient's family, doctors decided to choose the robotic surgery to fully cut the cancerous liver lobes, while minimising the risk of damage to the arteries of the liver, which would lead to the risk of massive bleeding, in turn threatening the live of the patient, said Dr. Vo Van Hung, Deputy Head of Department of Hepatology, Binh Dan Hospital.

On July 27, the operation was carried out successfully, completely cutting the liver lobes II and III of the patient. The use of surgical robots allows physicians to observe the structure of the organs through a 3D-capable, high-resolution screen with 12x magnification.

The patient (right) recovers quickly following surgery.

Robotic arms performed flexibly to remove and cut liver lobes and blood vessels in a safe manner. As a result, the tumour was thoroughly removed and lesions were minimised for the remaining parts of the liver, therefore maintaining liver function after surgery for the patient.

In addition, due to the possibility of minimally invasive surgery, robotic surgery is also less painful, reducing blood loss, surgical complications and infection, as well as cutting down hospital time for patients.

A week after the surgery, the patient was able to return to their normal activities and was discharged from the hospital.

Robotic surgery is considered as the new high technology in the world's surgery industry and has been implemented by Binh Dan Hospital since 2016, on several surgeries, such as chest, heart, lung, stomach and kidney operations.

To date, the hospital has applied robotic surgery for liver cancer and in the future will perform this hi-tech surgery on other parts of the human body.

Liver cancer is more common in men than in women and currently, liver cancer ranks third among cancer related deaths. Risk factors for liver cancer include liver diseases, such as hepatitis, viral cirrhosis and alcoholism. At its early stage, liver cancer is almost asymptomatic, making it is difficult to detect if patients do not undergo regular health screening.