Patients with nCoV virus in Ho Chi Minh City recover

Tuesday, 2020-01-28 17:43:58
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NDO - Two patients, who are a Chinese father and son, who were infected with the nCoV virus, have recovered their health, according to information released from the Cho Ray Hospital and the Pasteur Institute in Ho Chi Minh City, on January 28.

Most notably, after the treatment, the son's test result was negative for nCoV virus.

After five days of treatment since the discovery of Chinese patients, Li Ding and his son Li Zichao, who had tested positive for the virus, this morning, the son Li Zichao (born in 1992) was awake, breathing, and back to eating and drinking normally. The patient had a fever for more than four days. After testing the second PCR on January 25 and the third on January 27, the patient was tested negative for the nCoV virus.

The father Li Ding (borned 1954) was also awake, and eating, he received oxygen through canula, and is breathing smoothly, SpO2 96%, M: 80 / p, HA: 120/70 mmHg, he had no fever from 6 pm on January 25. X-ray results on January 27 showed left solidification and, less damage in his right lung alveoli, no increase compared with X-ray results on January 26. His liver and kidney functions, electrolytes are normal. The patient also had been implemented a second PCR test on January 26, the third on January 27 and is currently awaiting the results.