Vietnam applies AI in cancer treatment

Saturday, 2019-01-05 18:16:16
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The application of AI in IBM Watson Oncology software has brought about encouraging initial results in cancer treatment in Vietnam. (Photo for illustration)
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NDO – With initial optimistic results when applying the treatment in three hospitals, IBM Watson for Oncology software has been recommended to be used at medical facilities in Vietnam in counselling and supporting cancer doctors to select cancer treatment regimens for patients.

The Department of Information Technology under the Ministry of Health has announced the conclusions of the Board of Review for the IBM Watson Oncology software used in supporting counselling for cancer treatment in Vietnam.

The Council was established on November 14, 2018. After meetings to survey reports of the IBM software application in Phu Tho provincial General Hospital, the Hanoi-based K Hospital and Ho Chi Minh City Oncology Hospital, the Council found that there is a similarity in the treatment regimen given by doctors and the one given by IBM artificial intelligence.

The Council praised Phu Tho General Hospital for pioneering the implementation of IBM Watson for Oncology in counselling on the choice of cancer treatment regimens with positive results.

In terms of the cost of using IBM artificial intelligence in counselling to help cancer doctors choose cancer treatment regimens for patients, the Council proposed that it be set at a suitable level for Vietnam's socio-economic conditions.

“Implementing units such as IBM representatives in Vietnam and Five9 Vietnam JSC should consider lowering the cost when deploying IBM artificial intelligence at hospitals. Meanwhile, it is recommended that the Ministry of Health soon consider building the roadmap for calculating cost of using artificial intelligence in advising on the selection of cancer treatment regimens, to be covered by health insurance,” the Council concluded.

IBM artificial intelligence software, built by IBM Corporation based on big data tools, has been implemented in 230 hospitals in 13 countries around the world, such as the US, China, India, the Republic of Korea and Thailand.