Students to begin registering for high school graduation exams from April 27

Thursday, 2021-04-08 11:28:26
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Illustrative image (Photo: NDO)
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NDO – The Ministry of Education and Training has just issued a guidance on the organisation of the 2021 national high school graduation exams, in which candidates are tobegin registering for the exams from April 27 to May 11.

High schools nationwide will take charge of guiding their students to prepare dossiers and fill out the registration forms for high school graduation exams and admission to universities and colleges.

The exams are scheduled for July 6-9, 2021, with the main exams taking place on July 7-8.

On the afternoon of July 6, candidates will carry out the exam procedures, correct mistakes in their registered information (if any) and listen to the exam regulations and schedules.

On July 7 and 8, students will sit exams regarding the subjects of literature, maths, natural science or social science, and foreign languages.