Plan for 2021 high school graduation exams announced

Thursday, 2021-03-25 10:43:59
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Candidates sit the 2020 national high school graduation exams. (Photo: NDO/DUY LINH)
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NDO – The organisation of the 2021 national high school graduation exams will remain basically the same as in 2020, according to the Ministry of Education and Training.

The ministry has issued a circular amending and supplementing a number of articles within the regulation on high school graduation exams.

Accordingly, the 2021 exams will be essentially the same as last year. Specifically, in order to achieve graduation, high school students must take four exams, including three independent ones, featuring Mathematics, Literature and Foreign Languages, and a custom test in natural science or social science chosen by the candidates.

For continuing education candidates, they will take three exams, including two independent tests of Math and Literature and a custom test in natural science or social science. They can also register to take a foreign language test to use the results for university and college entrance admission.

The noteworthy new point in the 2021 exam regulations is that candidates who have taken and passed all the required exams as required, but have not graduated from high school and are not disciplined to cancel the exam results, they have the right to reserve their test scores for recognition of high school graduation in the following exams next year.

Candidates who win different prizes (from the provincial level up) in various contests are only entitled to enjoy the point bonus from their highest prize, with a maximum of two bonus points to their total test results.