Boeing wishes to cooperate with Vietnam in developing aviation technology

Thursday, 2020-10-15 17:24:48
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An aircraft with Boeing’s ecoDemonstrator banner on its engine.
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NDO – Giant aerospace manufacturer Boeing on October 15 it would seek cooperation opportunities with its Vietnamese partners to develop aviation technology with more safety, sustainability and efficiency, similar to the partnership with Etihad Airways in the latest ecoDemonstrator programme.

Introducing the cutting-edge technologies tested in this programme, Douglas Christensen, Programme Manager for Boeing’s ecoDemonstrator, said that the programme could accelerate the development of new technologies, bringing about safer flights for passengers - the core of the partnership between Boeing, airlines and government agencies.

Boeing's ecoDemonstrator for 2020 focuses on four main features that aim to lower noise pollution from airplanes in big cities in Vietnam such as Ho Chi Minh City or Da Nang, where airports are in or near the city.

Secondly, Boeing has developed ultraviolet light, which disinfects aircraft cabins and cockpits without the need for conventional disinfectants. In the ecoDemonstrator programme, the company also tested an antibacterial coating that can be used in frequently exposed areas in the cabin.

Thirdly, Boeing has tested the airspace operating system and flight route, as well as the pilot connection system on their aircraft. These systems will help to use aircraft and their light routes more efficiently.

Fourthly, in test flights under ecoDemonstrator, Boeing used a combination of conventional and sustainable fuels, aimed at reducing emissions.

Boeing also assesses that Vietnam's aviation infrastructure is capable of adapting to new technologies in order to move further towards sustainable development.

In Vietnam, there are many Boeing aircraft, especially the 787 Dreamliner, which is being operated by a number of domestic and international airlines, offering the quietest passenger experience and high fuel efficiency.

Boeing attaches great importance to its technology development partnership with partners and customers in Vietnam as part of its orientation towards an innovative, sustainable and efficient aviation industry.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, through the ecoDemonstrator programme, Boeing has developed various new sterilisation technologies. The company also cooperates with airlines to study the transmission mechanisms of the disease, while providing in-flight air purification systems and sharing information so that passengers feel secure when flying.