Bac Kan zones off nearly 600 hectares to protect ancient trees

Wednesday, 2019-07-03 16:55:01
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An ancient 'nghien' tree at the Thac Gieng protected site
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NDO – The Bac Kan provincial authorities have decided to establish the 594-hectare Thac Gieng protected site to safeguard a population of more than 500 ancient ‘nghien’ (Burretiodendron hsienmu) trees in the locality.

Located in the bordering area between Xuat Hoa ward, Bac Kan city and Tan Son commune, Cho Moi district, Thac Gieng protected site is home to over 500 ancient ‘nghien’ tress with their diameters ranging from 20cm to 100cm.

The local authorities zoned off 195 hectares at the site for a protection area, 327 hectares for a natural ecological recovery, 22 hectares for a service and administration area, and nearly 50 hectares for a buffer zone.

The local People’s Committee assigned the Bac Kan Forest Protection Sub-Department to manage the site, protect natural landscape, and conserve the diversity of fauna and flora at the site.

The sub-department is requested to integrate its management with socio-economic and tourism development, and environmental protection.

Bac Kan is the locality possessing the largest number of ‘nghien’ trees among cities and provinces in Vietnam. The trees have been founded at Ba Be National Park, Kim Hy Natural Reserve, and Nam Xuan Lac Species and Habitat Conservation Area.