Dien Bien province launches environmental clean-up campaign

Tuesday, 2019-06-04 11:08:45
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Local residents in Dien Bien province clean up their environment. (Photo: Bao Tai nguyen - Moi truong)
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NDO - An environmental clean-up campaign was launched on June 3 in the northern mountainous province of Dien Bien in response to World Environment Day.

The campaign aims to raise the awareness of local residential communities on environmental protection and climate change response through substantive and effective activities.

In recent years, environmental protection in the province has seen positive progress, with local residents along with trading and services facilities being more conscious of protecting the environment, classifying wastes and processing organic waste at home.

Livestock enclosures have also been relocated away from the homes.

To date, the province has more than 1,300 self-managed environmental protection and climate change response groups in residential areas, which are responsible for organising the clean-up and collection of waste in their neighbourhoods.

After the launch of the campaign, local residents in Noong Het commune took part in activities to clean up the environment at a local village.