Enhancing solidarity to further the country’s strong development

Wednesday, 2020-09-02 10:58:30
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President Ho Chi Minh conducting the performance of the song "Ket doan" (Solidarity) (Photo: Lam Hong Long/VNA)
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NDO – Over the past 75 years, the National Day (September 2) has become an opportunity for people to review and show their pride of the heroic and indomitable tradition of the nation under the leadership of the Party

President Ho Chi Minh and the Communist Party of Vietnam (CPV) tried to achieve the lofty goal of building a nation of people who are always ready to make sacrifice for independence and freedom and a revolutionary Party with benefits of “happiness, prosperity and peace for the people”.

One of the most glorious traditions is the spirit of national solidarity that has created miraculous power for the country. From the first days of its establishment and over the past 90 years of leading the revolution, the CPV has always been deeply aware of and affirmed the importance of the spirit of great national unity. It is not only a strategic way and a source of power but also a driving force and a decisive factor for the victories in all historical periods.

At the second National Congress of the Vietnam Fatherland Front Central Committee in 1961, President Ho Chi Minh said: “Solidarity, solidarity, great solidarity; success, success, great success.”, continuing to affirm the important and indispensable strength of broad and close solidarity during the process of national construction and defence. His appeal echoed across the nation and has become the “compass” leading the country to overcome all difficulties, challenges and dangers to rise strongly. Only through solidarity could people fight and win victories.

Imbued with President Ho Chi Minh's thoughts on great national unity, under the leadership of the Party, people from all strata, along with the whole political system, steadfastly overcame vicissitudes, challenges and difficulties to protect, build and develop the country. The great victories and achievements during the resistance wars against the invaders as well as during the cause of Doi Moi (renewal) and care for the people and social welfare have clearly proven his statement. The Vietnamese Party and Sate have issued many important resolutions, directives and policies on great national unity, the ethnic work, religion and Overseas Vietnamese abroad.

During the recent months, with the country facing the outbreak of the Covid-19 pandemic, people, agencies, organisations, enterprises and Vietnamese expatriates have made efforts to overcome difficulties; join hands to enhance the innovation; and further boost the patriotic emulation movements and campaigns. The great national unity, along with the prompt and wise directions and decisions of the Party and Government as well as the drastic and conscientious participation of the whole political system, have made important achievements in the epidemic control to protect the people’s health and reduce negative impacts on the economy. More importantly, millions of people have consistently expresssed their confidence in the decisions of the Party and State. As a result, each person has done a good and useful deed in overcoming the consequences of the epidemic.

The reality of current life and society is posing great challenges for the strength of the great national unity. The bad bureaucracy, corruption and waste; the decline in political ideology, morality and lifestyle of several cadres and Party members; and the “self-evolving” and “self-transforming” inner processes have caused grievances in the society and the risk of reducing people's confidence in the Party, the political system and the country's development path. The gap between rich and poor and social stratification are growing wider. Meanwhile, the enemy forces and the objects hiding in the name of democracy and the freedom of speech have sought opportunities to distort, defame and deny the good achievements of the country and people. These issues threaten to break great national unity bloc and cause political, social, economic and cultural instability.

The above situation requires the whole country to focus on firmly consolidating the great national unity spirit and creating social consensus to build and protect the country, for the country’s development, as is has done for the past 75 years.

The whole political system, officials and Party members, firstly Party committees and leaders of the Party committees and governments at all levels, should thoroughly grasp Ho Chi Minh's thought and the Party’s policy on great national unity as well as proactively apply them into the reality. One of the biggest goals is to respect, care and promptly settle the people's legitimate interests. It is crucial to tighten and expand the linkage between the Party committees and administrations and people to understand the people better. The Vietnam Fatherland Front and socio-political organisations need to constantly innovate their operation contents and methods to contribute to building and closely connecting the Party and State with the people. In addition, it is essential to continue to effectively implement the Regulation No.101-QD/TW by the Secretariat for the 11th tenure on the responsibility for setting examples of officials and Party members, especially the Politburo members, members of the Secretariat and the Party Central Committee. Each official and Party member must be exemplarily in their study and following of President Ho Chi Minh’s thought, morality and lifestyle.

In the new situation of the country, more than ever, the whole political system and people from all strata need to uphold the responsibility, make efforts, resolutely fight against the bad side, and be willing to share the country’s hardship while striving to build the great national unity bloc and join hands to overcome all difficulties and challenges. Accordingly, the people’s confidence in the leadership of the Party and State will be strengthened, aiming to record even more new achievements in the building of a prosperous and developed country.

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