Promoting the role of Vietnam Farmers’ Union in developing agriculture, farmers’ livelihoods and rural areas

Wednesday, 2018-12-12 14:55:26
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The Vietnam Farmers’ Union officially convenes its seventh national congress in Hanoi on December 12 under the theme ‘Democracy – Solidarity - Innovation - Integration - Development" (Photo: VNA)
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NDO - The Vietnam Farmers’ Union (VFU) officially convened its seventh national congress in Hanoi on December 12. The congress took place at a time when our country has gained historic and significant achievements in terms of politics, economy, culture, society, defence and security and foreign affairs over more than 30 years of the Doi moi (Renewal) process. The Party and the people and the whole army are exerting every effort to successfully realise the Resolution of the 12th National Party Congress.

Under the theme ‘Democracy – Solidarity - Innovation - Integration - Development", the Congress will review and evaluate the situation and performance of VFU and farmers’ movement for 2013-2018 term and outline orientations and tasks for the next five years.

The farmer class always receives great care and support from the Party, and it has performed its role in agricultural development and the building of new rural areas. The livelihoods of farmers have been improved with better living conditions, better access to education and health care services, and higher economic status.

Farmers, who account for nearly 70% of the country’s population and about 43% of the social workforce, always place their trust in the revolutionary cause of the Party as well as the State’s policies and laws. They have promoted patriotism, cultural and revolutionary traditions, while raising a high sense of self-reliance hard working, and creativity, and making every effort to rise above poverty.

The national target programme on building new rural areas has been fully implemented throughout the country, mobilising the participation of entire political system and the enthusiastic response of farmers, generating important results. The VFU and the Vietnamese peasants have played an increasing role and position in the development of agriculture and rural area, sustainable poverty reduction, thus significantly contributing to the national construction and defence.

The implementation of the movement “The whole country joins hands to build new-style rural areas” and the campaign "All people unite to build new rural and civilised urban areas” has also gained encouraging outcomes. The emulation movements launched by the VFU continues to be observed widely with improved quality, extending their strong influence over the society.

However, the operation of farmers’ associations at all levels are facing many difficulties and shortcomings. The popularisation of political and ideological education on farmers has been done in a formalism style, and the implementation of the VFU’s resolution at grassroots level is still at a slow pace and has not yet met the demand of farmers and VFU members. The associations also haven’t made timely responses to addressing farmers’ aspirations. The dissemination of the Party’s guidelines and the State’s policies and laws to VFU members in some areas have achieved low efficiency.

There are also limitations in the performance of farmers’ associations at grassroots level, the maintenance of regular exchange among sub-organisations, and the mobilisation of participation from VFU members in ethnic minority groups and religious populations.

Building a transparent and strong VFU with a lean organisation and apparatus, which is devoted to working for farmers and building new areas, is set as the key task of the VFU in the new working tenure. To realise the task, the VFU should effectively attract the participation of its members while promoting democracy, solidarity, creativity and cooperation among farmers. It should also work as a counsellor to the Party and coordinate with functional agencies in the making of policies and guidelines on ensuring the legitimate rights and interests of its members and farmers in general.

Attention must also be attached to renovating and raising the efficiency of the movement "Farmers vie to do production, unite to help each other and reduce poverty" while providing vocational training, supporting farmer’s start-ups, and improving their quality of life. It is also necessary to expand and enhance cooperation and mobilise resources to support its members and farmers in production.

Boosting the development of agriculture, farmers and rural areas is the task of the entire political system and the whole society. It is also needed to inspire the patriotism, self-reliance, and the willingness to rise above difficulties among farmers. Party committees at all levels and local authorities should pay close attention to and take drastic measures to promote agriculture and the appearance of rural areas, while improving the material and spiritual life of farmers. Thereby, the role and position of the VFU will be strengthened and consolidated, providing a firm foundation for its members to improve economic status and reduce poverty in a sustainable manner.