A role-model dedicates himself to the Party and national revolutionary cause

Sunday, 2018-03-18 15:47:17
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Former Prime Minister Phan Van Khai
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NDO – It is a great loss to the Party, State and people of Vietnam as former Prime Minister Phan Van Khai, also called Brother Sau Khai, passed away.

Comrade Phan Van Khai experienced revolutionary struggles and leadership posts of all levels andmade great contributions to the cause of the Party and people. In every position, he always put the interests of the country and the people first and committed himself to the national revolutionary cause.

He was born in Cu Chi district, Ho Chi Minh City and joined the revolution in Gia Dinh in 1947. He then moved to North Vietnam and studied foreign languages and economics in Moscow, in the former Soviet Union.

In the first phase of Doi moi (renewal), as a senior leader, comrade Phan Van Khai had a very creative mindset and thought of seeking investment to develop Ho Chi Minh City, opening up breakthrough opportunities for international integration.

During his term as Prime Minister, he made considerable contributions to the cause of national renewal and development, helping the country to become self-confident and secure in its process of international economic integration. Phan Van Khai is remembered as a Prime Minister that made every effort to help the country to overcome the difficulties caused by the monetary crisis in Asia.

In addition, he also contributed to promoting the normalisation of the relations between Vietnam and the US, the abolition of the embargo and economic encirclement of the US and powerful Western countries, and Vietnam’s entry into the World Trade Organisation, lifting the country to a new level.

Besides making strategic national-level decisions, former PM Phan Van Khai also actively held dialogues with enterprises and solved numerous problems in the private sector in order to boost the socialist-oriented market economy. The former PM also attached great importance to hunger eradication and poverty reduction through various policies and mechanisms in a bid to improve the living standards of millions of farmer households across the country.

He was an excellent successor to the renewal cause led by the Party and fully brought into play the important achievements made by previous PMs. Besides the outstanding achievements in socio-economic development, the former PM also left his precious experience on macroeconomic management.

Comrade Phan Van Khai was a loyal Party member and a shining example of the revolutionary morality of communist soldiers, who dedicated himself to the revolutionary cause of the Party and nation. Although he passed away, the image of a PM that devoted himself to national renewal and international integration will forever live in our hearts.

With great compassion for comrade Phan Van Khai, we vow to continue the revolutionary cause of the Party, while promoting comprehensive renewal and international integration for national construction and defence, in order to rapidly turnVietnam into an industrial country towards modernisation.

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