Strengthening Vietnam-Cuba comprehensive cooperation

Tuesday, 2015-09-29 16:19:35
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Vietnamese President Truong Tan Sang and his Cuban counterpart Raul Castro during the latter's visit to Vietnam in 2012
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NDO - At the invitation of Cuban President Raul Castro, Vietnamese President Truong Tan Sang and a delegation of high-ranking officials will pay an official visit to the Republic of Cuba.

This is a significant event as the two countries are celebrating the 55th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations and seeking to strengthen the traditional friendship and comprehensive cooperative relationship.

The Vietnamese people have supported and expressed solidarity with the Cuban people for more than half a century. Under the leadership of the Communist Party of Cuba (CPC), headed by former President Fidel Castro and current President Raul Castro, the Cuban people have overcome numerous difficulties to safeguard the accomplishments of the revolution, bringing the country forward on the path to socialism.

The 6th Congress of the CPC in April 2011 adopted a new resolution on economic and social policy, consisting of more than 300 guidelines on updating the Cuban economic model, aimed at maintaining and promoting the revolutionary accomplishments, stimulating economic growth and continuously improving the people’s living standards.

The implementation of the resolution has brought about initial positive results. The Cuban economy has maintained its recovery and growth momentum, expanding by 1.3% in 2014 and 4.6% in the first half of 2015. The law on foreign investment, adopted in April 2014, and tax changes have made the business environment in Cuba more favourable to foreign investors.

Cuba consistently pursues an open and peaceful foreign policy, actively supporting revolutionary movements and struggles for peace, national independence, democracy and socialism. Although the country is still struggling, Cuba always upholds the international proletarian spirit by offering free training courses for students from developing countries and sending thousands of doctors, medical and educational experts to assist Asian, African and Latin American countries, which has continuously enhanced Cuba’s reputation on the international stage. Brother countries, friends and progressive people of the world have given Cuba strong solidarity and support. For more than 20 years, the UN General Assembly has consistently adopted resolutions, with an overwhelming majority of yes votes, calling on the US to lift embargoes against Cuba. This valuable support has lent more strength to the Cuban people for them to take a firm hold on the revolutionary path and bring their country forward.

In realising the historic decision in December 2014 of the Cuban and US leaders on normalising bilateral relations, the two countries have officially restored diplomatic relations and are working hard to resolve remaining issues, especially the removal of trade embargoes. The steps by Cuba and the US have received welcome from the international community, improving relations between Cuba and other partners.

President Truong Tan Sang’s visit comes as the brotherly solidarity and comprehensive cooperative relationship between the two countries continues to be reinforced and developed as demonstrated by regular visits by the two countries’ senior leaders, exchanges between ministries and agencies, and meetings of the Vietnam-Cuba intergovernmental committee. Cooperation in agriculture, security and defence, education and training, culture, healthcare and, science and technology is being fostered and has produced positive results, especially Vietnam’s projects to assist Cuba in rice cultivation and aquafarming. Trade between Cuba and Vietnam has huge potential for further growth. Cuba’s economic management renovations are offering Vietnamese enterprises opportunities to expand their business in construction, production of building materials and consumer goods, energy, food processing and more in Cuba.

The Vietnam-Cuba relationship is one of traditional and loyal friendship between those who are both comrades and brothers sharing revolutionary ideals. This fine relationship was born from the ideologies of President Ho Chi Minh and Jose Marti, and treasured, safeguarded and continuously cultivated by the two countries’ leaders and people. President Truong Tan Sang’s visit reiterates that the Vietnamese Party, State and people always show solidarity with and support the Cuban Party, State and people in their struggle to protect national independence, freedom and development.

May President Truong Tan Sang’s visit to Cuba be a success, continuing to strengthen the friendship, solidarity and comprehensive cooperation between Vietnam and Cuba, and contributing to peace, stability and development in the region and the world.

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