Preparing for great event of Party and nation

Monday, 2021-01-25 11:22:20
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In addition to streets around the capital city of Hanoi, preparations are complete at the National Convention Centre where the Party Congress will be held.
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NDO – The National Convention Centre in Hanoi has been decorated with national flags, the Party’s traditional flag, banners, propaganda posters and flowers to celebrate the 13th National Party Congress, the great event of the Party and nation, which will officially begin in Hanoi on January 25.

Many signs welcoming the congress have been installed. The sign of a hammer and sickle beside the words “The 13th National Party Congress” was placed in the most solemn position in front of the main hall of the convention centre.

Streets leading into the National Convention Centre are adorned with banners and slogans to welcome the great event of the Party and nation.

Inside the main hall, a flower arrangement, which depict the words “Unity – Democracy – Discipline – Creativeness – Development”, are featured.

A large banner praising the Party and President Ho Chi Minh is installed in a solemn position.

Stairs and hallways leading to the main meeting venue are decorated with various fresh flowers.

Propaganda paintings on the Congress are displayed along the hallways leading to the main meeting venue.

The area for key press agencies sits ready for the work of communicating on the Party Congress.

Officers and soldiers of the Army Ceremonial Band are ready for the opening day of the 13th National Party Congress.

Translated by NDO