Diplomats seek to improve consular affairs, citizen protection

Tuesday, 2018-08-07 18:09:09
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The conference in Hanoi on August 7 discussed measures to enhance the effectiveness of activities related to overseas Vietnamese and citizen protection (Phôt: dangcongsan.vn)
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NDO/VNA – More than 150 heads of Vietnamese representative agencies abroad and leaders of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MOFA) gathered at a conference in Hanoi on August 7, to discuss measures to enhance the effectiveness of activities related to overseas Vietnamese (OV) and citizen protection.

At the event, jointly held by the MOFA’s Department of Consular Affairs and the State Committee for Overseas Vietnamese Affairs, the participants focused on outcomes and shortcomings in the work and orientations for the 2018-2020 period.

Heads of the Vietnamese representative agencies abroad shared their real experiences and pointed out a number of challenges and difficulties, as well as factors affecting the effectiveness of OV-related affairs and citizen protection, thus seeking solutions to improve the efficiency of the work.

In the past two years, the amount of remittances sent home by OVs exceeded US$ 25 billion. In 2017, the flow of investment poured into the domestic market by OVs hit roughly US$ 4 billion.

Alongside, many OV intellectuals and enterprises have made remarkable contributions to the development of various sectors at home, while OV youngsters have shown a great interest in developing the motherland.

Meanwhile, despite unprecedented and difficult cases of citizen protection happening currently, the authorised agencies have shown a timely response and ensured the interests of Vietnamese individuals and organisations abroad.

Specifically, in the two years after the 29th Diplomatic Conference, the authorised agencies carried out citizen protection for more than 16,000 Vietnamese citizens and over 600 vessels with 5,000 fishermen seized by foreign forces or faced difficulties abroad.

Addressing the event, Deputy Foreign Ministers, Vu Hong Nam, and, Nguyen Quoc Dung, asked for drastic measures to attract more resources from OVs in order to serve national development, as well as to provide timely and accurate response in consular affairs and citizen protection, especially in the context that the global situation has seen rapid and unexpected developments.

Deputy Foreign Minister Nam stressed that in the near future, it is necessary to increase the role of overseas Vietnamese representative agencies in acquiring the aspirations of Vietnamese communities abroad, thus rolling out measures to support the communities in reinforcing their legal status, settlement and social integration, while maintaining the Vietnamese language and national cultural identity.

He stressed the need to lure more OV resources for national growth, with a focus on youngsters. It is also crucial to update communities with accurate information on the policies of the Party and State, Deputy Foreign Minister Nam stressed.

Meanwhile, Deputy Foreign Minister Dung proposed that the agencies concerned actively carry out consular affairs in line with the law to reduce complaints and denunciations, while accelerating the formation of a sustainable inter-sectorial mechanism on citizen protection and seeking more speedy methods to share information between MOFA units and other agencies.

He underscored the necessity to strengthen international cooperation in the field, as well as bilateral and multilateral dialogues, as well as creating a legal foundation for the protection of rights and interests of Vietnamese legal entities and citizens in other countries.

Deputy Foreign Minister Dung also pointed out the need to mobilise social resources and the efforts of international organisations in citizen protection, while applying more effective communication measures to guide Vietnamese citizens travelling abroad and provide them with updated information through various channels such as websites and hotlines of Vietnamese representative agencies.