Phu Cuong Waterfall, a silk strip amidst the Gia Lai Mountains

Wednesday, 2020-03-11 11:38:38
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Located in Dun Commune, Phu Cuong Waterfall is like a silk strip squeezing through the mountains in the Central Highlands. The fairly pristine waterfall is one of the most famous and beautiful ones in Gia Lai Province.
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NDO – The Central Highland region is endowed with many beautiful waterfalls such as Pongour, Prenn and Dambri (in Lam Dong Province), Draynur (Dak Lak Province), Dray Sap (Dak Nong Province) and especially Phu Cuong (Gia Lai Province).

Phu Cuong Waterfall in Chu Se District has become an attractive eco-tourism destination in Gia Lai Province.

The waterfall is located at 44 kilometres from Pleiku City.

There are various forests and rubber plantations along the arterial highway 14 to Chu Se District. During the leaf changing season, Chu Se’s rubber forest is as beautiful as an autumn picture from a temperate country.

Panoramic view of Phu Cuong waterfall at a height of 45 metres. It is in a quarry area of the same name that is surrounded by mountains will cool climate and fresh air.

In the past, visitors had to walk down a very rickety wooden bridge to go down the waterfall’s foot. Chu Se District later invited investors to renew the bridge with the iron staircase and firm handrails.

Interestingly, the Phu Cuong Waterfall flows on the lava base of a million-year-old volcano that stopped eruptions. At its foot, there are countless black and grey rocks with diverse shapes, which are volcanic remnants. They are very slippery in the rainy season and burning hot in the summer.

The waterfall's water comes from a nearby mountain and then flows into La Peet upstream.

The huge water columns with white sprays poured down from a height of 45m. Few people know that La Peet Stream also flows to the large Ayun River where the famous Ayun Ha hydroelectric lake is located.

The vegetation around the waterfall is very rich, from ancient trees, moss, grass and ferns…

… to strange flowers growing at the foot of the falls, intermingled with the jet-black rock system of the million-year-old volcano.

Phu Cuong has many advantages of an attractive eco-tourism area with much to be discovered. Those who love adventure can follow the trail on the left at the foot of the waterfall, passing grassy hills interspersed with huge human-sized leaves. The path leads deep into the cliffs behind the falls.

The vegetation is like a prehistoric one in the cave bed and cliffs behind the waterfall. Visitors should be careful to explore it because the path is very slippery.

Visitors will feel like they are in a fairyland when looking out from inside the cave.

A giant old tree on black stones opposite the waterfall has become an ideal place for visitors to rest.

HA DU/Translated by NDO