Tay youths start business with community-based tourism model

Thursday, 2020-01-30 11:55:38
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Tay ethnic people Chau Van De, Secretary of the Youth Union of Thuong Lam Commune, Lam Binh District, Tuyen Quang Province, is in charge of the cooperative's activities.
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NDO – A group of young people, including seven secretaries of Youth Union branches, led by Doan Van De - Secretary of the Youth Union branch of Thuong Lam Commune, established Thuong Lam cooperative to implement “community-based tourism” projects.

The tourism model includes: resting, and visiting the Na Hang hydroelectric lake and the agricultural production areas of the local people. In 2018, the cooperative started its project with a resort named "Homestay Tai Ngao", more than 100 km from Tuyen Quang City, which has attracted thousands of tourists.

Visitors will have an opportunity to enjoy regional dishes. The cooperative was supported by the district on policies, training in tourism operations and access to preferential loans from banks. The model of community-based tourism of Thuong Lam Commune created more jobs for the youth in the commune, contributing to the development of the Na Tong community tourist area with the Tai Ngao folk legends of the Tay people. In addition, the youth union in the cooperative also mobilises many people to collect rubbish from Na Hang Lake every week, contributing to raising awareness on environmental sanitation in the community.

Youth union members of the cooperative finishing work on the Tai Ngao Homestay.

Member of the youth co-operative serves dishes to tourists.

The cooperative attracts many young people in the commune to provide tourism services.

The community house serves the cooperative's visitors.

Auxiliary area of the resort for visitors.

Youth of the cooperatives and youth in the commune participate in collecting rubbish on Na Hang Lake.

Community tourism in a corner of a field in Na Tong.