Spring on Hanoi’s street

Friday, 2020-01-17 17:30:37
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The booths featuring craft village product. (Photo: KHUE MINH)
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NDO – Every year when spring comes around, the new season air creeps into small alleys, and every corner of Hanoi. The vibrant colours of the natural flowers on every door frame, looming behind the porch spark excitement among the people.

Phung Hung mural painting street. (Photo: KHUE MINH)

Walking around the Spring Flower Market (Photo: KHUE MINH)

A group of foreign tourists showing their interest in learning more about spice vegetables for meals during Tet (Lunar New Year) holiday. (Photo: KHUE MINH)

Spring on every street corner. (Photo: KHUE MINH)

Hang Ma Street becomes bustling with colorful spaces showing off Tet decorations.

Right at the very start of December, many shops in Hang Ma Street start selling items serving Tet holiday products. The street is considered a traditional and familiar year-end shopping destination for many Hanoians. (Photo: DANG ANH)

Notably, in order to welcome the Year of the Mouse, a series of products featuring the image of mice are sold with a variety of designs. (Photo: DANG ANH)

Many unique products to decorate the Tet space of each family. (Photo: DANG ANH)

Different types of red lucky money bags designed impressively and uniquely. (Photo: DANG ANH)

Hang Ma Street also attracts many tourists to visit and enjoy the Hanoi atmosphere at the end of the year. (Photo: DANG ANH)

Another indispensable destination of Hanoians during the traditional Tet holiday is the Nhat Tan peach blossoms garden.

Nhat Tan peach blossoms garden bustles while welcoming Spring. (Photo: Thuy Nguyen)

Many families are busy caring and pruning to stay prepared to supply the market for the coming Tet holiday. (Photo: Thuy Nguyen)

In addition to peach blossoms, yellow apricot flower trees are also supplied to the market (Photo: Thuy Nguyen)

Some types of flowers, ornamental plants such as orchids, ornamental grapefruit, and roses are also sold by many small businesses in flower markets. (Photo: Thuy Nguyen)

Watching the blooming spring flowers on the days leading up to the Tet holiday makes the hustle and bustle in life slow down, bringing a little moment for clarity and peace to welcome a lunar new year. (Photo: Thuy Nguyen)