Hanoi people prepare offerings to bid farewell to Kitchen Gods

Friday, 2020-01-17 14:11:47
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Sets of paper clothes for the Kitchen Gods are displayed and sold in the Old Quarter streets.
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NDO – Vietnamese families, including those in capital city of Hanoi, are busy preparing offerings to bid farewell to Kitchen Gods on the 23rd day of the last month of the Lunar New Year, which falls on January 17 this year.

According to tradition, on this day, the families prepare a feast to worship and bid farewell to Tao Quan (who consists of three Kitchen Gods) as he leaves for Heaven in order to report to the Jade Emperor on the family’s activities over the last year.

Carps are considered as “means of transport” for the Kitchen Gods to travel to Heaven and back, so each family often puts three carps beside the offerings. After the worshiping rituals, the carps will be released into rivers and lakes.

The shopping atmosphere in Hang Ma street where offerings and ornaments are sold.

Many families have prepared offerings early in the week.

A women takes her son to buy offerings.

Many peddled wares of offerings for the Kitchen Gods appear in all streets of the capital city.

Shopping activities take place all over the streets.

Many small shopkeepers sell offerings along with their normal items.

Small and big markets in the city are full of vibrant Tet atmosphere.

The most important offerings are three miniature paper hats and boots for the three gods.

Flowers and fruits are also indispensable traditional offerings on this day.

A corner of Phuc Xa Market.

Many families choose small votive paper offerings to reduce emissions into the environment.

Carps are not only a “means of transport” for the Kitchen Gods to Heaven but also a symbol of the spirit of achieving successes and prosperity.

Several families ask for calligraphy letters in Phung Hung Street.

Asking for calligraphic letters is a meaningful activity on the occasion of Lunar New Year Festival, towards success and happiness in the new year.