Programme honours traditional art forms of capital

Monday, 2019-10-21 16:15:42
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The programme introduces audiences to different traditional art forms such as Cheo (traditional opera), Xam (blind busker's singing) and Ca tru (ceremonial singing).
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NDO – Artists from Dong Kinh Co Nhac (Ancient Music Group of Tonkin), in collaboration with the Hanoi Old Quarter Cultural Exchange Centre, held a programme entitled ‘Music Story of Old Quarter' on October 19, aiming to preserve traditional cultural and art values as well as introduce residents and visitors to unique features of ancient music of Thang Long – Hanoi.

Artists and instrumentalists sit on sedge mats to play instruments without any support devices. The simplicity brought traditional art forms closer to audiences.

The history and development of traditional art forms were introduced before each performance.

Thi Mau - one of the classic characters in Cheo art form

People's Artist Minh Gai performing a scerpt from the Tuong (classical drama) play 'Ho Nguyet Co hoa cao' (Ho Nguyet Co turns into a fox).

With their talents, the artists helped audiences feel the emotions of characters.

People's Artist Manh Phong plays a clown - one of the familiar characters in Cheo art form.

Graceful dance with paper fans and songs of Chau Van (Spiritual Singing) captivates the audiences.

The joy of the artists as watching their colleagues’ performances

An audience hugging an artist as a sincere thanks for the performances.

People's Artist Xuan Hoach instructing foreign children to play Vietnamese tradtional musical instruments.

THUY NGUYEN/Translated by NDO