Admiring clouds at Quan Ba Heaven’s Gate in Ha Giang Province

Tuesday, 2019-09-24 10:31:40
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Located at an altitude of 1,5000m above sea level, Heaven’s Gate is the highest point on the road from Ha Giang City to Quan Ba District.
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NDO – Quan Ba Heaven’s Gate, which is located in Quan Ba Commune, in the district of the same name, is about 43 km north of Ha Giang City, in the northern mountainous province of the same name.

French people erected a giant gate which was made of ‘nghien’ ((Burretiodendron hsienmu) trees on the unique path to the Dong Van Karst Plateau.

At one time, the Meo people’s Autonomous Region, including the districts of Quan Ba, Yen Minh, Dong Van and Meo Vac, was established separately from the outside world. There is no trace of the wooden gate anymore.

Quan Ba Heaven’s Gate has been likened to a field of the Dong Van Karst Plateau, which is considered as a ‘paradise of rocks’.

Standing on the Heaven’s Gate, visitors can take in the overview of the extensive Tam Son valley, which was formed by the fault of Quan Ba in the past.

The valley consists of the beautiful and peaceful Tam Son Town as well as the scattered towers, karst cones, and fieldsof rice and fruit.

Prominent among the valley are two cone karsts – a unique and attractive landscape that was bestowed by Nature.

On sunny days with the clouds floating under their feet, visitors feel like they are standing in a fairy-tale world and forget all worries.