People visit Ho Chi Minh Mausoleum on his birth anniversary

Saturday, 2019-05-18 12:29:52
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Early in the morning, thousands of people from across the country paid their respects to President Ho Chi Minh at his Mausoleum. At the gate to the Mausoleum on Ngoc Ha Street, thousands queued up in long lines waiting for their turn.
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NDO –Vietnamese people across the country have travelled to Hanoi over the past few days to pay tribute and show their gratitude to President Ho Chi Minh at his Mausoleum on the occasion of his 129th birth anniversary.

Most of the visitors were children, veterans, and people from other provinces.

Many overseas Vietnamese and international visitors also visited the Ho Chi Minh Mausoleum to pay respect to Uncle Ho

Despite the blazing sunshine of the summer days of May, visitors flocked to the Mausoleum to express their gratitude to President Ho Chi Minh who devoted his whole life to national independence and freedom.

Many agencies and organisations have chosen the birth anniversary of President Ho Chi Minh to report their achievements to the President.

Many tourists can't help but feel touched when listening to introductions on the life of President Ho at Ho Chi Minh’s house on stilts within the Presidential Palace.

Long lines of people linger for a long time to see Uncle Ho's simple memorabilia at his house on stilts.

At the Ho Chi Minh Museum near the Mausoleum, visitors pay great attention to the artifacts and documentaries on Uncle Ho's life and career.

Over the past 60 years, since its opening, the President Ho Chi Minh Relic site at the Presidential Palace, including the Ho Chi Minh Mausoleum and Ho Chi Minh’s house on stilts, has welcomed over 72 million visitors from over 160 countries around the world, including more than 100 delegations of heads of state and hundreds of high-level international delegations.