Rainy day in Bao Loc

Friday, 2019-04-26 18:10:25
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The most famous landscape in Bao Loc is Dambri waterfall.
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NDO – Bao Loc has a very cool climate so it is one of the lyrical destinations of the Central Highlands, besides the famous Da Lat. Especially in the rainy days, the city appears poetic, pure and romantic. Bao Loc is also a place associated with the emotional love letters of the talented musician Trinh Cong Son.

Bao Loc, a city in Lam Dong province, is also known as B'Lao, 112km from Da Lat. From Ho Chi Minh City to Da Lat, it is necessary to go through Bao Loc at a distance of nearly 200 km. With the climate and landscape similar to Da Lat, Bao Loc has long been an ideal destination for the weekend.

The most famous landscape in Bao Loc is Dambri waterfall.

The most famous landscape in Bao Loc is Dambri waterfall, located in the Dambri Waterfall tourist area, 18km northwest of the city centre. This is one of the most spectacular waterfalls in the Central Highlands, surrounded by a system of primeval forests that are relatively well planned and preserved. “Dambri "in K'Ho means" waiting ", associated with the beautiful legend of the heart of the young woman for the boy she loves. The waterfall has a height of 57m, and is 30m wide.

Surrounding the waterfall is a 300-hectare primeval forest that is preserved intact with hundreds of tropical flora species, with ancient trees that are hundreds of years old. The road to the waterfall is concrete for easy walking. Visitors can also take an elevator from the top of the waterfall to see the waterfall or discover the flora at Dambri Falls.

As for "miniature Dalat", Bao Loc has a cool year-round climate that is suitable for cultivating fruit trees with specialties of Lam Dong province such as avocado, durian, and jackfruit. Furthermore, this is also a famous land for coffee and green tea. In Bao Loc, anywhere outside the city centre it is clear to see the tea plantations, coffee, pine forests or wild weeds growing.

Bat Nha Monastery is also a famous religious architecture not to be missed when going to Bao Loc. The name "Bat Nha" is transcribed from the Sanskrit word of India meaning "wisdom", nestled on a secluded pine hill, surrounded by green tea hills completely separated from city life.

The rain made Bat Nha monastery shrouded in mist, in the cold of the mountain town.

The meditation scene makes life a little lighter and peaceful.

Linh Quy Phap An Pagoda in Bảo Lâm District has become a new tourism destination in the past two years, though it was built in 2006, thanks to the photos taken by young travellers over the beautiful landscape from a peak on Phap An Son.

Located on a quiet hill surrounded by bamboo, the Linh Quy Phap An has unique architecture.