Harvest time in the countryside

Monday, 2019-04-22 11:56:31
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More than 200 students and farmers participated in activities, such as traditional rice harvesting, rice plucking, shaping scarecrows, singing children’s songs, playing folk games in the field.
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NDO – Quang Ngai province organised a festival in Mo Duc district, on April 21, to honour the wet rice. The festival recreated the image of a rural village with a bumper harvest of wet rice and specialties of farmers in their homeland.

According to Tran Van Man, Chairman of Mo Duc District People's Committee, the wet rice civilization of Vietnamese people has existed for a long time. The festival is expected to help more people understand the traditional craft, the products of farmers and the traditional beauty of the homeland.

For the first time, children can experience "One day as a farmer". The experience helps children to understand more about rice culture and the hardship of farmers when producing rice grains.

Children experience the activities of farmers, such as sieving rice and drying straw.

Scarecrow - familiar image on Vietnamese rice fields. Farmers use straw or dried banana leaves to form the frame of a man. The scarecrow is placed on the fields to drive away birds and mice to protect the crops.

After the harvest season, the rice grains are pureed and processed into rice paper, a typical product of some rural areas in the Central region. Traditional village products from rice help farmers earn more income after each crop.

In the cultural space of the crop, children’s songs are resounded. Anyone, even those who’ve been away from their home country for years, can find their childhood.

The festival attracts many tourists and visitors.

The festival is expected to develop into an agricultural community tourism product in Quang Ngai. The activities not only help farmers to sell agricultural products at higher prices but also agricultural tourism products to increase income for the farmers.