Lang Sang – Son La province’s terminal village

Friday, 2019-03-29 18:24:34
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A corner of the landscape of the Ta Xua National Reserve, where is our country's precious wood. The road to Lang Sang is through the primeval forest.
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NDO – Lang Sang Village is a village of the Mong people at Hang Dong commune, Bac Yen district, Son La province. Located in the core zone of Ta Xua Nature Reserve in Son La province, Lang Sang is a beautiful land with beauty combined with majestic mountains and pristine primeval forest.

The Kinh guests getting acquainted with the Mong ethnic minority children

Located adjacent to Son La and Yen Bai provinces, Hang Dong commune has the topography of a hollow, leaning against Ta Xua Nature Reserve. Located at an altitude of 2000m above sea level, the climate of Hang Dong commune and Lang Sang village is cool all year, with majestic mountains and floating white clouds.

The center of Hang Dong commune is 30km from Bac Yen district. Hang Dong commune currently consists of four villages: Hang Dong A, B, C and Lang Sang, the population mainly consists of the Hmong ethnic minority.

From the centre of Hang Dong commune, it is necessary to travel 7km by motorbike to reach the forest’s edge, and it is necessary to walk 23km through the forest to reach Lang Sang.

The muddy road due to the high humidity, covered by an old forest canopy, is the most extreme challenge for those who want to approach Sang Village, the terminal land of Son La province.

The moments of rest between the natural scenery, one side of the old forest, the other side are the clouds floating over the terraced fields of ethnic minorities.

The Lang Sang Primary School is roofed by wood. Most pupils are the children of the Hmong ethnic minority, with a tradition of building houses on the highest mountains.

During the day, all adults go to work in the fields or go down to the centre of commune, only children and the elderly remain in the village to welcome the guests.

Brilliant Mong costumes of the children of Lang Sang village, which is one of the areas with the most beautiful traditional clothes of Son La province with warm and typical colours.

Bare feet in the cold.