Hanoi vibrant on last day of lunar year 2018

Monday, 2019-02-04 16:44:25
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A little girl in ao dai brought to Nhat Tan flower garden by her family to record beautiful memories in the spring atmosphere.
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NDO – Hanoi today is excited to wait for the Lunar New Year but also a bit nostalgic on the last day of the current lunar year. At the end of the lunar year 2019, Hanoians just want to hurry up to complete their unfinished work, but also want to slowly enjoy the last hours before the New Year.

On the morning of the last day in the lunar year 2018, many people and visitors came to visit President Ho Chi Minh.

Across Hanoi’s residential areas and streets, people hang national flags to welcome the Lunar New Year 2019.

Xa Dan street is wide and spacious in the last day of the lunar year 2018, totally different from the crowded situation in other days.

From the beginning of the day, locals went to the market to prepare for the last meal of the year, make offerings to their ancestors and pray for a new year full of peace and luck. This is an important meal in Vietnamese culture at the end of the lunar year.

They also flock to the flower markets, choosing the best peach branches to display in their houses on Lunar New Year (Tet) festival.

Taking photos with fresh flowers on the last day of the year.

A big, beautiful peach branch bought at Nhat Tan peach garden.

The area around Hoan Kiem Lake decorated with new colours in the spring days, with multiple miniatures, lights and pig flower models.

Peaches planted along Hoan Kiem Lake attract many people to visit and take photos.

A family captures a happy moment together on the last day of the year.

An environmental sanitation worker quietly completes his work, contributing to keeping Hanoi green, clean and beautiful in the new year.

Photo: NDO/Thuy Nguyen