The trains return to the roots

Monday, 2019-02-04 14:29:44
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After a year away from home to earn living, the Lunar New Year (Tet) is an occasion for family reunions. Therefore, the moment of waiting for the train’s arrival brings endless emotions to the expatriates.
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NDO – On the last trains of the old lunar year, passengers, whether busy or relaxed, all turn their hearts to the same place - the homeland.

In the evening of February 2 (the 28th day of the last lunar month 2018), Hanoi Railway Station still full of passengers waiting to take their trains back home to enjoy Tet.

Peach branches bearing the Tet culture of the North are carefully packed on board. In addition to peach blossoms, many bring along other flowers, candies and even pets to go home with them to celebrate Tet.

For railway staff on North-South trains departing from Hanoi to Saigon Station, welcoming Tet on the trains has become so familiar to them. This year, they will welcome the New Year's Eve in Da Nang. The train is their second home.

The trains offer free drinking water. Passengers can directly go to the last car to buy food or wait for the staff to pull the trolley over to give them many choices of meals.

Instant noodles are the most popular food.

Children are always the most eager when experiencing their train ride.

While adults are often nervous, wishing that they can return home as soon as possible to reunite with their families for Tet.

The joy at the last station.

Photo: NDO/To My Binh