Hang Luoc flower market ahead Tet

Saturday, 2019-02-02 16:06:38
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The Hang Luoc traditional flower market in HoanKiem district opens once a year, starting from the full moon of the Lunar December to the 30th day of Lunar December. The market opens on the street in the inner Hanoi Old Quarter.
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NDO –The hundred-year-old Hang Luoc flower market in inner Hanoi has become more crowded and bustling with the colours of hundred types of spring flowers before the fast approaching Tet holidays.

Kumquat trees and peach flowers from the flower villages of Quang Ba, Nhat Tan and Nghi Tam, along with other types of Tet flowers from famous flower villages outside of Hanoi, are brought to the market.

The small street is always busy with bustling buyers and sellers from early morning to late at night.

Many older people visit the market just to sample the ancient atmosphere of the old Tet of the capital city.

The whole street is full of colours of hundreds of types of flowers and ornamental trees.

Peach flowers in full blossom show its charm in the early sunshine.

Bonsai white apricot trees are eye-catching in a corner of the market.

Spring atmosphere is spreading across every stall on the street.

Hang Luoc flower market is not only a place to trade but also a space for tourists to visit and admire the beauty of spring flowers and ornamental trees.